If I Actually Knew...

Emily lived an average life, in a average town where nothing exciting ever happened. Until the new boy comes to town.


1. The New Student

"Emily? Hello? I asked you a question!" I snapped my head away from the window to see the faces of my classmates and teacher. "Umm," I replied nervously, "I didn't hear you." "Obviously." my teacher muttered under her breath. I tried hard to focus on her for the rest of the class, but I found myself looking out the window several more times. It was December, and we only had a few more weeks until Christmas break. The snow was falling, and I loved watching it instead of listening to my teachers drone on and on. I heard the sound of zippers and chairs being pushed in as people began packing up. "Class, before you leave, I have an announcement. We will be having a new student joining our class tomorrow. I don't know his name, but I hope that you will be kind to him and make him feel welcome. Okay, that is all. You are free to go." our teacher told us. She waved our hand to dismiss us, and we filed out of the classroom. I found myself thinking of what the new student would look like. Would he be tall? How would he talk? Would he be smart? Be on the football team? Would he talk to me? I laughed at my last suggestion. That was highly doubted. Guys didn't give me the time of day. I wasn't the kind of girl that guys liked. I just wasn't. I walked to the parking lot, found my car, and drove home, pushing the new student to the back of my mind.
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