Cheaters lies and the Truth(book 2)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is sequel to 'dirty little cheaters'
While Darcey and Niall are in Paris they meet Louis. After they meet Louis in Paris things start to change. At school other people were talking about Niall cheating in Darcey. But when she lost her memory she never remembered that he cheated on her. When Louis heard about that he brought Maria (the girl niall cheated with) to Paris to see if Darcey would remember when she caught Niall cheating because Louis wants Darcey with him. When louis shows up with Maria will Darcey remember the time that Niall cheated on her then date Louis? Or will she not remember and just be stuck with the guy that cheated on her? Find out in 'Cheaters, Lies, and the Truth.

(Book 2 to Dirty Little Cheater)


5. Louis and Niall


I walk back into starbucks my eyes are red. 
i sit down at the table we were sitting at then i start to tell Louis, well u got what u wanted, u got Darcey to leave me. u happy now? she even admited u were better than me to my face. i really do hope your happy. 
Then he says, What are u talking about?
I say, i already know your plan. u were going to get Darceys memory back to normal so she could remember the time i went out with Maria while i was going out with her. not dont act so stupid Louis. 
he goes, look i never tryed to hurt u or her. i know its my fault. i dont care go tell her.
i say, u know i just hope u treat her right. dont treat her like a toy. dont just pick her up then drop her.
i say, just hope your happy Little girl snatcher.
Then i get up grab the ring i gave Darcey and left.  when i walked out of Starbucks the sky was grey and it started to rain. i walked in the rain all the way to the hotel. 
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