Cheaters lies and the Truth(book 2)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is sequel to 'dirty little cheaters'
While Darcey and Niall are in Paris they meet Louis. After they meet Louis in Paris things start to change. At school other people were talking about Niall cheating in Darcey. But when she lost her memory she never remembered that he cheated on her. When Louis heard about that he brought Maria (the girl niall cheated with) to Paris to see if Darcey would remember when she caught Niall cheating because Louis wants Darcey with him. When louis shows up with Maria will Darcey remember the time that Niall cheated on her then date Louis? Or will she not remember and just be stuck with the guy that cheated on her? Find out in 'Cheaters, Lies, and the Truth.

(Book 2 to Dirty Little Cheater)


7. Leaving with Lou


I wake up to see Darcey sleeping in my arms. I think she looks so cute. I take a picture and post it on twitter. I turn on the TV and watch the news until Darcey wakes up. When she wakes up shes in pain with she side/stomach. But when she looks at me she smiles. Anytime she looks at me she smiles, even when she is in pain. When she gets up its time to leave the hospital to go home. We go downstairs to check her out. She has to use crutches for a while.  While were walking out Niall walks right past us. 
He walks back and askes, Darcey how are u doing? I hope ur ok im so sorry. 
Darcey just starts to crutch off to my car.
I say, i dont think she forgives u bud. Im sorry. 
He runs after darcey and say, darcey why are u ignoring me?
Darcey says, why should i listen to u after u lied about cheating on me. I said it at starbucks. Were done. 
Niall starts walking back to me crying.
He says to me, well louis i hope u take really good care of that girl.
I walk away and help darcey in the car. We go over to the hotel im staying at its akward cause im staying at the same place niall is staying. When we get there we go get all of her stuff out of Nialls room. You can tell hes really mad. 

I crutch over to niall and say, look im sorry to but ur the one who mad the mistake. 
I gave him his last kiss and says, it over now that was your last kiss hope ur happy. 
Then we go down to Louis's room.
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