Cheaters lies and the Truth(book 2)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is sequel to 'dirty little cheaters'
While Darcey and Niall are in Paris they meet Louis. After they meet Louis in Paris things start to change. At school other people were talking about Niall cheating in Darcey. But when she lost her memory she never remembered that he cheated on her. When Louis heard about that he brought Maria (the girl niall cheated with) to Paris to see if Darcey would remember when she caught Niall cheating because Louis wants Darcey with him. When louis shows up with Maria will Darcey remember the time that Niall cheated on her then date Louis? Or will she not remember and just be stuck with the guy that cheated on her? Find out in 'Cheaters, Lies, and the Truth.

(Book 2 to Dirty Little Cheater)


6. Darceys cuts


when i get to the hotel im so devistated i cant even bare to be alive. i grab a knife and walk to the bathroom and there u have it. 


When i get to the hotel, i hear crying coming from the bathroom. i run to the bathroom. then i see a knife in Darceys hands shes holding it torwards her stomach. 
i yell, NOOOO
Then see stabs her self. i rush over to her. she is losing blood very quickley. i call an amblulance. they are there in 5 minutes. they rush her so fast to the hospital. she goes through sugery to get blood in her. i sit in the hallway and  call Louis.

Louis, yup
Niall, Can u please hurry to the hospital?
Louis, ya why
Niall, she stabbed her self when ever i walked in to the room

i feel tears coming down the side of my face. im so tired its like 4 and it been so tiering. so i close my eyes and go to sleep.


i rush into the hospital. 
i ask the nurse, What room is Darcey Mary in?
she says, room 211
i rush up to her room. i knock her doctor lets me in. i have roses behind my back to surprise her cause she is hurt. the doctor leaves me and her alone in the room together.
I ask, so how u feeling?
She says, not good they had to remove one of my kidneys during surgery, put more blood in me, and stitch me up. I dont know what got ahold of me to just stab my self.
I go, here i have something for u
I hand her the roses and she smells them.
These smell delightful she said
I say, its just for u
We both laugh. We talk for like ever. And shes so beautiful i feel like kissing her. But whatever. 


When Louis talks to me everything blocks out. All i see is his bright eyes gleaming. He gave me roses and hes so nice. Then next thing i know hes sleeping by me. And i fall asleep in his warm arms.


I wake up from a long dredful sleep. I look at what time its 10pm. I go ask the nurse what room Darceys in. They said i had to wait until tomorrow to see her. But she checks out tomorrow. I go to the hotel and just sit in bed wishing i could see Darcey.
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