I've waited All My Life

Sophie has always been a huge directioner. She is friends with the one and only Harry Styles, because they go to the same school. But as the end of year nears, will Harry keep in touch with Sophie, or will he move on?

What they both don't know, is a series of events will bring them closer than they've ever been. Will love bloom, or friendship decay?


1. Introduction

Sophies P.O.V

Hi, I'm Sophie, and I'm 18 years old. I am a massive directioner, and I feel so lucky that my only friend (and best friend) is the one and only Harry Styles. Ever since the first day he arrived we've been friends. I constantly get ignored, bullied and hurt. On the first day back, I was being bullied by a bunch of girls, and Harry came and saved me. I couldn't thank him enough. But these past few years I've been devolping a crush on him. I don't want to tell him because i dont want to ruin our relationship.

The bell rang for lunch and I swiftly made my way down to the lunch hall. I saw Harry standing by the wall talking to a girl. To be honest, it broke my heart. I watched her disapper into the distance. I walked over to Harry and asked who she was.

"Who is she?"

"Woah woah calm down, Soph! Shes just a friend."

"Oh, ok. Sure?"


he hugged me and I hugged back. Everytime he hugged me I got butterflies in my stomach. It was a wierd but good feeling. I never want to lose Harry. Ever.

Harrys P.O.V

I hugged Sophie. I could tell she was pissed. We hugged for about 5 minutes until she pulled away. We walked and talked. And ate, as we were both as hungry as.... as a whale shark! Everyone thinks were dating, but were not. I like Sophie, alot. She is my best friend ever and i can't thunk of anyone I would rather spend my time with. She's funny, intelligant, pretty and most of all, confident. She never lets the bullying get to her.

*1 hour later!*

Finally! No more school! WE'RE FREE! I grab Sophie's hand and drag her into my car. We were planning to go to the park. All I know is that girl who was talking to me will be there too. And I also know that she is the most popular girl in school. Sophie HATES her. As soon as we arrive we head to the park.

*At the park*

"Harry, I want to go on the swings!!!"

Sophie dragged me to the swings on we sat on them. Then I saw her. The most popular girl in the school, Kim. She was walking towards us with her gang. Sophie looked at me and whisper shouted

"What is she doing here?!"

"I dont know!"

She came over and completely pushed Sophie of the swing. I gave her a disgusted look and she just smiled. Sophie got up and started walking away. I got up and went after her, with Kim hot on my heels.

I grabbed her arm and pull her close. I looked into her bright blue eyes and I could see she had been crying. What have I done?

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