Kidnapped by Nialls new girlfriend

Taylor was just sleeping because she was tired from shopping and coming back from the mall and then all of the sudden someone puts something over her mouth and nose and she blacks out for a day. Then she wakes up in a dark room and chained to a wall. She doesn't have her phone or anything she had since last night. She doesn't know what to do. Will she get help by someone and fall of them or will she rot in the basement?


4. Will they ever find me?

Taylor's pov~
I woke up with someone walking downstairs. I opened my eyes and saw the girl that did this terrible thing thing to me just because I gave him my number. She gave me and plate and smiled at me. I have her a dirty look and spit at her. She got really pissed. She came up to me and started chockig me. Then I kicked her in the stomach. He pulled out her pocket knife and came closer to me. Then she stabbed me in my leg. I screamed and pulled my leg closer to my body and hugged it. She just walked out like nothing had happened. I started crying. Will they ever find me? In this crazy ass stupid bitches house?
Ally's pov~
She is still missing! I'm so depressed it isn't funny. I went to a doctor so they can look at my arms. Because I cut myself. Yeah...
Niall's pov~
I was in my way to Abby's house when I saw a lot of poster that said missing Taylor Cartwright. I looked at the picture and it was the girl that I met. It's been three days since she had gone missing. I met her three days ago. So I kinda was the last person to see her not missing except for her friend? Wow.
Taylor's moms pov~
I can't believe our little girl is missing. This can't happen again. Our first daughter got kidnapped when she was 18 and did return. They found her body a year later she went missing. I can't believe someone would do this. I will do anything I'm falling apart without her and her beatific smile, her laugh, and her kindness. She never said one bad thing about someone. She had good grades and played a lot of sports. And she was rich. How can a girl like her just slip out and get kidnapped? Ally isn't taking this so well either. I was up late lady night and I heard her crying. I was gonna go in there but I looked thought the door and saw her cutting herself. I didn't want to do anything because I was in shock I thought Ally was stronger than that. Or maybe Taylor is the one who made her stronger. Taylor sometimes has that effect on people.
Abby's pov~
I can't believe that bitch spit at me. After all I let her live. It's not like I'm treating her that bad. She didn't have to do that. I just stabbed her. In such a monster haha. I went to take a shower because everyone is coming over today and hanging out.
Ally's pov~
Can't she just come back already?!?!? I will kill anyone if they harm one hair on that girls head! My arm hurts and I got a headache. I got my car and drove myself to the doc for a check up because of my arm.
Harry's pov~
Everyone thinks that Abby is just using Niall. She uses his money a lot and the fame. How does Niall not see that? I heard Niall met a girl but she went missing? And I heard he told Abby about her and he said she looked really pissed. If Abby did that I wouldn't be shocked. If she hurts Niall I swear I'll kill her. I don't care if she is a girl. Ill just get Dani and El to do it.
Taylor's pov~
I feel dizzy because of all the blood I lost because she stabbed me. I got a headache to. I decided to rip some of my jeans and rap it there then go to sleep. That's my plan for right now. Nothing now nothing less. I wonder how everyone I know is doing about this whole thing. I know ally and my parents aren't doing to so well. Man I gotta pee. I kicked and kicked the door and she finally answered. I asked her if I could use tr bathroom and she just said yes and let me go. I hurried up the stairs. I did my business and looked for a bunch of bandages. I got a bunch and put them in my pocket and do it later. I turned on the sink and washed my hand, face, and the cuts. It kinda of stinged. I combed my hair and fixed it. I opened the door and looked for the girl. I didn't she her. She finally popped out from the kitchen and pulled me down to the basement. I was once again chained up and she left. Then I fell asleep.
Abby's pov~
I can't believe this girl isn't running yet. She probably knows what's best for her. And it is to stay down there and locked in that basement. Man I'm so evil.
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