Kidnapped by Nialls new girlfriend

Taylor was just sleeping because she was tired from shopping and coming back from the mall and then all of the sudden someone puts something over her mouth and nose and she blacks out for a day. Then she wakes up in a dark room and chained to a wall. She doesn't have her phone or anything she had since last night. She doesn't know what to do. Will she get help by someone and fall of them or will she rot in the basement?


2. Waking up

Taylor's pov~
I woke up in a dark place. I tired to move but my arms were chains to the wall? What the fuck? All I remember was when I fell asleep and then some girl walked in my room then I blacked out. God I got a massif headache right now. I'm hungry, cool, and tired. I heard someone coming downstairs. I sat up to the wall when I saw a girl with brown hair walking down holding something in her hand. I backed up as far as I can. She came up a few feet away from me. I was a bit scared to speak but I managed to say "do I know you why am I here." She just laughed evilly. I looked at her confused. She said "you don't remember you flirting with my Niall." Then I thought of last night. Niall ran into me and I gave him my number. She came closer to me then when her face was about to touch mine she slapped me pretty hard. I was about to scream when she threw a sock in my mouth. She went back upstairs. I cried and cried until I got a headache and went the girl came back down and brought me some food. I wouldn't consider it food. It was a apple and a bag of chips the small one. I just sighed and ate it. I'm scared. It's dark in here.
Abby's pov~
She pissed me off so I slapped her. I just hate her. Wet thing she does every move she does it just makes me wanna slap her. The boys are coming over today I gonna make sure they don't go down into the basement. First I gotta clean up.

---------hour later-------------

Hey guys ups up? They said there hi's and nothing's. we decided to watch movies. We picked put our movies and watched them. In the movie about an hour we heard someone scream. They looked at me weird I said it was my neighbors. They just looked back at the tv. I said I was going to get some food and drinks. I quickly ran into the kitchen. Grabbed some food and put it on the counter. I went downstairs. I opened the door and saw her trying to get out of the chains. I laughed at her fail. I went up to her and punched her. I told her she needs to stop her shit and go to sleep. I snuck back upstairs and grabbed drinks. I got everything and brought it into the room the boys were in. I threw the food all over Niall. He just smiled and opened one of the bag of crisp.
Ally's pov~
I don't know where Tay is her car is missing its 2 pm. Im calling the police. I told them everything about Taylor. I called her parents to. It's been a few hours since she was gone. I know because I wake up early and it was at 6 I woke up. I got my phone out and texted her. "Tay where are u?!?!" I got a text back saying "don't worry about Taylor anymore I took care of her. She may not be living anymore and if u do tell the cops about this she will die tonight." I cried.
Abby's pov~
Her friend ally texted her. I got her phone out and texted it back. I smiled at what I said. I turned her phone off and watched the rest of the movie.

--------after all the movies were over--------------
Everyone is asleep so I grab and nag of crisps and went downstairs. She was sleeping so I threw it on the ground by her so she can reach it. I went back upstairs and went by Niall. I cuddled up and fell asleep.
Ally's pov~
It's 11 and Tay still isn't back. Her parents are here from USA because of the thing that had happened. I'm crying a lot more now. I showed Taylor's parents the guest room and I went into my room and fell asleep.

---------next morning-----------
Tays pov~
I woke up and saw a big bag of crisps I took this as time to eat so I ate the whole bag in like 20 mins. Right before that girl came down.
Abby's pov~
I woke up before anyone else I grabbed a pocket knife and bandages and went down stairs. I saw she was awake I smiled and walked up to her. I came closer to her and pulled the knife. I saw the fear in her eyes. I came closer and closer until she kicked me like five times and jump on top of her and put the sock back in her mouth. I feel her struggle. I put my pocketknife and slide it down one of her leg. She started to cry. I put one huge bandage down her leg so it would heal right and crap. I went by her other leg and did the same thing. Then both her arms. Then I slit both for her cheeks. The I put a little cut by her neck. I bandaged it all up and I said "don't mess with me bitch I have a lot more power then you." I pulled the sock off of her mouth and went up stairs. I saw everyone was still sleeping so I decided to make breakfast. I washed the pocketknife so no one saw it. Everyone walked into the kitchen and sat down. I handed them plates. When the food was finished we all ate. After we ate we cleaned and decided to go out. I told them I got to get my purse from downstairs. I grabbed the extra food and put it on a plate and went downstairs and opened the door. I gave her the plate and left.
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