Kidnapped by Nialls new girlfriend

Taylor was just sleeping because she was tired from shopping and coming back from the mall and then all of the sudden someone puts something over her mouth and nose and she blacks out for a day. Then she wakes up in a dark room and chained to a wall. She doesn't have her phone or anything she had since last night. She doesn't know what to do. Will she get help by someone and fall of them or will she rot in the basement?


10. Torture to both

Taylor's pov me and niall got shoved in a car and abby and her friends took off the license plate and put on guessing because they don't want to go back tto jail.abby sat next to niall and she tied our hands and legsthen the unexpected happened she got on top off him and kissed made me jealous and then all of a sudden i puked on got off him and sat down.i can tell niall was trying not to puke when he saw the puke.when the car stopped they took me and niall inside a house.then abby brought down chains that were hanging from above.she tied them to me and pulled them hurt so bad i felt like my arms were gonna fall off.she put a chair in front of me and tied niall to it.she got out knifes and i knew what she is gonna do.she stuck the knife in my stomach and i threw up blood.niall said STOP IT!STOP IT!please.he said please crying.abby said do you want that to happen to you!.he didnt answer.she whispered something to her friends and they just nodded.they took out knifes from their pockets.WHO THE HELL HAS THAT IN THEIR POCKETS!.they stabbed me in the stomach so hard that i couldn't feel it anymore.then they stopped.the looked at niall and he was crying so hard that when you look at his eyes the are so girl untied him and gave him a knife that had blood.she said stab her!.he said no!.she grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the stomach.he groaned and said FINE!.she smiled evily and gave him the knife back.


uh oh will niall do it or will he not if he doesn't what will happen?

-i changed my name to Katerinaluvsharry but I'm gonna say its still the co-author lol

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