Kidnapped by Nialls new girlfriend

Taylor was just sleeping because she was tired from shopping and coming back from the mall and then all of the sudden someone puts something over her mouth and nose and she blacks out for a day. Then she wakes up in a dark room and chained to a wall. She doesn't have her phone or anything she had since last night. She doesn't know what to do. Will she get help by someone and fall of them or will she rot in the basement?


5. My name is Abby miller

Taylor's pov~
I woke up with a head ache. I'm hungry. Today is the day I'm asking her questions. I'm tired for just sitting here and not even knowing who did this to me. If I don't get out by tomorrow of the net day imma go crazy on her. I took kick boxing and karate for about 10 years since I was 8. I didn't wanna struggle in till I guess how long she is gonna keep me here. She finally came down looking like hell. She really did look bad. I tired holding my my laughter. She just gave me a weird look and left.
Abby's pov~
I woke up as a horrorable mess. My hair everywhere my makeup and my pjs are all messed up. I looked fucked up. I went downstairs and got two bowls and poured captain crunch ad put milk in and went downstairs and gave the bowl to her. When I was walking down she was alighting for some reason she was really trying to hold it in. She was probably looking at me. In not surprised I would be laughing if I was someone else.
Ally's pov~
It's been four days since she gone missing! I'm surprised because she knows kick boxing and karate! I bet no I know she can take on about 5-10 people. I don't see how she isn't home yet! I'm going to kill myself bye!
Niall's pov~
I know the boys don't like Abby. In fact I know they hate her they truth do. They seems more interested in Taylor more than Abby.
Taylor pov~
I was done eating. I kicked the walls so she come down. What she yelled. "What's your name and I have some more questions for you." "Fine my name is Abby miller and what other ones do you have for me?" "Ok Abby where am I, why did you kidnap me and why are you such a bitch to me and other people?" I asked. She dug in her pocket and pulled out the pocketknife."I'll answer your questions in a sec." Se came at me with the knife. I struggled I kicked the hand with the knife in it. She grabbed the knifes and then my feet. I can't get my feet free. I wiggled my feet but it didn't work. She stabbed me in both my legs and arms. I screamed louder and louder. "Ok first show some respect for me if you want to live. And you are in my basement at my house, I kidnapped you because you were trying to steal MY Niall, and I am naturally a bitch to people." "That explains a lot." I mumbled. "What was that?" She said. I said that explains a lot. She was about to stab me when she stopped and left. I was bleeding a lot. I ripped some of my pants and tied it around the wounds so they won't get infected and so they stop bleeding. It hurt a lot. I was sitting down when I heard a lot of laughing and screaming upstairs probably the people she had over the other day.
Abby's pov~
The boys got here and were goofing off. I just sat on the couch and watched them. It was quite funny. I put in a movie and got up food. We all watched it and fell asleep.
Nialls pov~
Im thinking about dumping her for Taylor. I have her number I can yet her but the thing is she is still missing. I went into Abby's kitchen and started to make breakfast. I heard people running when I saw the boys and Abby walk into the kitchen. I smiled cheekily and put plates off and put food on the plates. After we ate we went bowling.
*after bowling* -it's 5:30-
After bowling we went to eat and the boys left and I went to Abby's house. Abby made dinner and we ate then fell asleep. I texted the boys saying I was staying at her house. They said to use protection because they dont want any more ugly Abby's running around here. I laughed and said okay. I fell asleep and didn't wake up for a long time.
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