Kidnapped by Nialls new girlfriend

Taylor was just sleeping because she was tired from shopping and coming back from the mall and then all of the sudden someone puts something over her mouth and nose and she blacks out for a day. Then she wakes up in a dark room and chained to a wall. She doesn't have her phone or anything she had since last night. She doesn't know what to do. Will she get help by someone and fall of them or will she rot in the basement?


7. Getting the text

Getting the text
First update of 2013<3(:
Taylor's pov~
I woke up in a white room. What do you think I did? I panicked. I looked around but I saw my mom and dad sleeping in the chairs next to the bed. I let out a sigh of relief. It woke them up. They ran up to me and gave me a bit hug. 'Ow guys you are squeezing to hard.' 'Oh sorry dear.' 'Its okay mom and dad.' 'Where's ally?' "Oh she is in the hall I think?' 'Can you send her in? Please?' 'Hmmm' 'thanks.'
Ally's pov~
I woke up by someone shaking me Telling me taylor wants to see me. Before I got a text. I didn't open it until I got in the room. I ran by taylor ad hugged her. 'Hey Tay how you feeling?' 'Oh I'm good just on painkillers I feel a bit loopy.' 'Thats good and when aren't you loopy?' 'Oh Uhm I don't know.' 'Tay have you been getting weird texts?' 'Why are you?' 'Yeah I got one right before I came in.' 'Read it!!' 'Ok chill loopy.' 'Shut up.' 'Its says 'watch your back I'm coming.'' 'Ah shit.' 'Is Niall here Al?' 'I don't know I haven't seen him.' 'Get my phone please.' 'Ok here.' 'Shit I got a text from that unknown person, it says 'Niall wont save you forever just know that deer (;' I showed Tay my phone. She gasped an called Niall.
Taylor's pov~
I saw the text. I gasped and called Niall. Come on pick up Niall pick up.
Niall: hello?
Me: OMG ok you are alive.
Niall: 'chuckles' why wouldn't I be?
Me: I got a text from someone saying 'Niall won't save you forever dear and a winky face.'
Niall: oh thanks for telling me and I'll have to watch my back now or do you?
Me: I don't know just be careful.
Niall:can I come see you now?'
Me: yeah why didn't you just come in?'
Niall: because they didn't let me.
Me: oh ok ill see you soon?
Niall: yep.
Me: ok bye.
Niall: bye
Guys I'm starting to cut the chapters into smaller ones because I don't have a lot of time because I'm helping a friend on another and I have other movellas. An I think no one likes this one so I might delete it. So bye stay amaZayn
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