Elle and Kylie have been best friends for as long as they can remember and are the biggest fans of One Directionbut. When Kylie has to choose between her best friend in the whole world, Elle and One Direction who will she pick? Will it break their friendship?

Elle has long blond hair and blue eyes that glimmer when you look at her. She is a very pretty girl. She has a very girly flirty kind of style and is a little shy but once u get to know her she will not stop talking!

Kylie has wavy brunette hair with some natural blonde highlights and bright green eyes that gets people lost into. She has a very unique look to her that you will never forget! She has a very edgy, rocker kind of style and is very very outgoing and never afraid to share her opinion.


1. The call

(Kylie's POV) Elle and I are just at the park doing what bffs like us normally do. Just sitting on the monkey bars talking about crushes, gossip, One Direction. Normal teenage stuff. We both are 13 and have been bffs sinse kindergarden. Suddenly my phone starts ringing. It's my mom, I answer it. AHHHHHHHHH; I let out a loud streak.

(Elle's POV) I herd Kylie scream. I'm very anxious to know why she was screaming so loud. Then after talking to her mom, she hangs up. I ask as soon as she hangs up "well.. why were u screaming." She screamed very loud "IM GOING TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT". I was so happy for her, I mean even if I couldn't go with her, i'm still happy for her. That's how good of friends we are. I said "that is so great!!! When is it??" Kylie answered "December 13th" with a bit of a sad voice. I thought about it for a second and realized. That's my birthday.

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