Let Love Be

Lana's life was never perfect, with just her friend Ri by her side things aren't always easy. After running away from home she bumps into an old friend from high scholl and his friends... he goes by the name of Liam Payne. This is the story of 2 girls and 5 guys who find themselves in an amazing and dramatic life. But when the friends go to Costa Rica they find knew love, adventure, and loss. This a Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall fanfiction!


30. Stitches


Lana's POV

I woke up in a small white room that smelled like antiseptic and cologne. I looked to my right to see Liam sleeping on the chair next to my bed, he looked so peaceful, but then i remembered why I was here. I glanced down at my wrist to see seven stitches running along a swollen red line that snaked its way across my forearm. I was disappointed with myself. Not because i had done it, but because i survived. 

A nurse walked into the room and started to blab about how I need to go to a shrink and go to rehab and whatever, and last time i checked talking about how fucked up you are to some rich asshole doesn't help and if they really think they can lock me up in a loony-bin they are in for a surprise.

Shit Liam's up well i guess its time for an explanation. "Lana, why would you attempt something like that?! If I wouldn't have heard the water running you would be dead right now!" "I'm sorry but I wanted to justify what the were saying about me, telling me that I should go kill myself." "WHO SAID THAT TO YOU!?!?!?!" "just some stupid girls on twitter" he then got his phone out and started typing like there was no tomorrow. He showed me some extremely defensive crap and i faked a smile. I just wanna get out of here.


Sarah's POV

Lana's been in the hospital for about 12 hours now and i cant take it anymore. I'm so worried about her! I got in the rental car and drove as fast as i could. No time for speed limits right now.

I got to the hospital parking lot and saw Liam's car. He must have stayed the night with her.

I got out of the car and started to feel dizzy. God not again! And this time in public! I collapsed against the SUV and hit my head on the drivers side window. I was still concious so i dragged myself to the doors. Im going to see Lana if it kills me! And at this point it might. Now i can barely crawl but i limped my way to the elevator. Some old lady screamed as she saw to blood coming down my face from where i hit my head. I gained the strength to stand but that didnt last for long and i fell against the elevator doors. When they opened I fell out almost lifeless onto the floor. The lady went to get a doctor and I passed out before they got to me.

The farmilliar sent of Zayn's cologne woke me up. I was in a cold sweat and couldnt feel my feet. I looked at Zayn and he was crying tears of joy. How long have I been out? Did the doctors know? More importantly if they did know, did they tell Zayn?!?!

"Babe, why didnt you tell me you have, you know"

" Cause I know people. Everone will treat me different if they knew. Please dont tell anyone!!" I said hanging on the is leater jacket for dear life.

"Babe, you can trust me" I let out a sight of relfe

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