Let Love Be

Lana's life was never perfect, with just her friend Ri by her side things aren't always easy. After running away from home she bumps into an old friend from high scholl and his friends... he goes by the name of Liam Payne. This is the story of 2 girls and 5 guys who find themselves in an amazing and dramatic life. But when the friends go to Costa Rica they find knew love, adventure, and loss. This a Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall fanfiction!


18. new friends

Perrie's POV

So Zayn the boys and some new friends are going to Costa Rica for a month. I cant go with them because one, they already left, and two, Im going on tour for a few months anyways. Im going to miss Zayn so much and i am going to try to skype him every night. 

Time Pass!

I got on the plane and sat down next to some guy who was reading cosmo magazine. Like, WTF. He was wearing a purple scarf and his legs were crossed tightly. Again, WTF. He looked at me and smiled cheekily, like Harry... But he looked more gay... Actually he was kinda cute...

"Hey" he said, very high pitched and squeaky, again, a bit gay.

"hello" i replied with a smile "liking cosmo are you?" i asked with a laugh

"no i just found it, its quite disturbing actually" he said closing it with a gag. "hey aren't you Perrie Edwards?" he said with a fan girl (no not boy) tone.

"the one and only!" Jade poped up  taking the words out of my mouth.

Throughout the plane ride we were laughing and talking. We were walking off the plane when... "Hey do you wanna hang out sometime?"

ugg this better not be a date i will DIE. "sure" we exchanged numbers and me and the girls went off to our hotel. He lives near it so it won't be that hard to make plans. He entered himself into my phone as "Masson<3" 


We were going to meet up with him and one of his friends for coffee. When we got there my attention immediately turned to this hot guy talking to, wait, WAIT THATS MASSONS FRIEND. Great, now I will have to hang out with him.

"Hey Perrie, hey guys!" Masson shouted from across the room.

"Hey!" I shouted back.

"DUDE YOU DIDNT TELL ME YOUR NEW FRIENDS WERE LITTLE MIX!!!!!!"  Masson's friend screamed at him.

Everyone but him started cracking up and he just had an annoyed/confused face on.

"hey im Jake" he siad once everyone calmed down.

"Perrie" i said extending a hand out.

He took it and gripped tightly and smiled. WAS THAT A WINK?? Gosh he was hot not one thing about him was un-sexy.

 I know i have Zayn but, we really have been growing apart for a while now, it gets kind of akward on dates because we really have nothing to talk about.

Jake and i were walking down the street and he reached over and grabbed my hand. I know I should have but I didn't pull away, it felt right. More right then with Zayn. I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek, friends do that right? friends...ugh that word is making me mad right now. we were enjoying our little stroll when we heard a faint "click" i snapped my  head around and saw LOADS of paps. WONDERFUL! note the sarcasam. Now there are going to be pics of me and Jake going around and im going to get dumped. Mabey thats not such a bad thing for me and Zayn...


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