Let Love Be

Lana's life was never perfect, with just her friend Ri by her side things aren't always easy. After running away from home she bumps into an old friend from high scholl and his friends... he goes by the name of Liam Payne. This is the story of 2 girls and 5 guys who find themselves in an amazing and dramatic life. But when the friends go to Costa Rica they find knew love, adventure, and loss. This a Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall fanfiction!


22. Heartache

Niall's POV

I woke up to the sound of crying, and singing. I looked to my right and Ri was still asleep. I got up trying not to wake her and walked to Louis' room where the singing was coming from.

I walked in to see an utterly broken Louis.


he looked up and mumbled "Go away Niall!" ok, what on earth could have happened? Wait, I've seen this before. Heartbreak. Thats the only thing that makes Louis cry like this. Well, actually, its usually much less dramitic than this. He is not ok. All I did was walk over and rub his back. He started to cry in my shoulder then mumbled

"I still love her" Yep, deffinitaly heartbreak. I wraped my arms around him and rocked him back and forth. He did not stop crying for what seemed like hours, but only lasted about 30 minutes. He started to calm down so I told him

"tell me everything"

He practically poured his heart out about his feelings for Ceecee all over the floor, I was shocked, I really had thought she liked him, but as it turns out that wasn't the case. I felt so sorry for him, I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like for me if Ri wasn't also in love, just thinking about it made my heart ache. 

"Well Im sorry mate, but Im not a doctor, and I cant fix a brokenheart." He just nodded and wiped the tears away.

Louis' POV

I got up and walked to my bed "Thank you Niall" I said giving him a hug before he walked away. I went back to my room and continued to write.

"dont, try to make me stay, or ask if Im ok, i dont have the answer

dont, make me stay the night, or ask if im alright, i dont have the answer

heart-ache doest last forever, i'll say im fine,

mid-night, ain't no time for laughing, when you say goodbye.

It makes your l-i-i-i-ps so kissable and your k-i-i-i-s, unmissable.

your fingertips, so, touchable

and your ey-e-e-e-s, irresistible 

I sang it to myself and smiled a little, when this is done, i'll sing it to her and maybe then she would see how I really feel.

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