Let Love Be

Lana's life was never perfect, with just her friend Ri by her side things aren't always easy. After running away from home she bumps into an old friend from high scholl and his friends... he goes by the name of Liam Payne. This is the story of 2 girls and 5 guys who find themselves in an amazing and dramatic life. But when the friends go to Costa Rica they find knew love, adventure, and loss. This a Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall fanfiction!


6. by the pool

Lana's POV


I slipped into my bikini and jumped into the pool.


Zayn was sitting by the side of the pool because he couldn't swim. 


 Liam was looking amazing, shirtless of course! 


"I need to talk to you.. " he said, taking my hand and bringing me to the side of the house.




" Since I was in 10th grade, I liked you, a lot. And last night, after we kissed, I remembered that and that's why I said it."


"I remember too, we were in biology together and you would always do a bunch of really stupid stuff.."


"I did all that so you would notice me!"


"And it worked,"


I leaned in and kissed him, he put his hands on my waist and kissed me back. I rested my hand on his chest and eventually it ended.


As we were walking back, I whispered in his ear, 


"I love you too"

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