Let Love Be

Lana's life was never perfect, with just her friend Ri by her side things aren't always easy. After running away from home she bumps into an old friend from high scholl and his friends... he goes by the name of Liam Payne. This is the story of 2 girls and 5 guys who find themselves in an amazing and dramatic life. But when the friends go to Costa Rica they find knew love, adventure, and loss. This a Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall fanfiction!


8. broken

Louis POV


Rhiannon was half naked, And making out with Niall.


As soon as she saw me she got up, thank god she was wearing a bra and underwear. Niall put his shirt back on and just looked at me apologetically, I couldn’t take it anymore, how could he do this to me?


“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” I yelled, I walked in, ignoring Ri; all I really wanted to do was beat the shit out of Niall.


I clenched my fists, ready to punch him in the face, when Ri started to cry; it didn’t really make me feel much better, there were already tears streaming down my face.


Rhiannon’s POV


“STOP IT!!!” I sobbed as Lou started getting closer to Niall, I shouldn’t have done that, I should never have kissed him, or even met him.


I was so humiliated, if felt like my heart had been ripped out, I couldn’t stop crying, I have only known him for a few days and I already had strong feelings for him, but Louis was so funny, I just ever really like him that way…


Niall’s POV


“Oh my god Lou I am so sorry!!!!” I said, he stormed towards me, balling his fist, I closed my eyes, expecting to get a broken nose, but instead I hear Rhiannon scream,  




“Oh my god Ri” I said


Louis ran out the room, I had never seen him so mad, I didn’t know he liked her so much, if I did I wouldn’t have invited her over.


“ I love you Niall.”


“I love you too”


Liam’s POV


I saw Louis sprint out the door, and ran after him. After 15 minutes he stopped and saw me.


There were tears running down his cheeks and he wasn’t looking very happy.


“What happened Lou?!”


“Rhiannon and Niall that’s what!” he sobbed


“Wait what?”


“Well I finished talking to Zayn about El, because I think I might break up with her, and I wanted to call her so I go into Niall’s room to get my phone and her and Niall are half naked making out!”


Oh my god


That day at breakfast I could already tell that Lou had a thing for her. And now she was with Niall… but then again they did kind of click that first night… Anyhow, Lou needed someone to talk to.


“I’m so sorry mate” we hug for a moment and I see a faint smile start to appear on his face.


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