And then I met you..

Taylor and Jess are just getting ready to leave Canada to go to England for College. Once they get there, They meet the people who will change their lives forever. Jess being from Ireland, knows England like it's the back of her hand so Taylor will be staying at her old place. Jess meets an old friend who ruins everything for her. Can she fix the broken pieces? Or is she just going to move on and never look back?


2. Moving in..

                                                                    Jess' P.O.V

 "TAYLOR, GET UP WE'RE THE LAST ONE'S TO GET OFF THE DAMN PLANE!" I said as I shook Taylor's shoulders. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around, she looked at her watch and then she sprang right up and grabbed her bag. "That was fast.." I said while getting my things together too. I looked at the text that my dad left me as we were walking off the ramp towards the back pick up. He said that my uncle had the car waiting outside. I had received the text 4 minutes ago. I then grabbed Taylors hand and ran to the bag pick up. We found our bags and took them off the ramps. We then took our bags out the two huge doors that were 20 meters ahead of us and looked around for a a white Mercedes. I saw it and waved the driver down. It was most definitely my uncle. We rolled our 4 suitcases towards his car and opened the trunk. I piled them in and slammed the trunk door. I opened the back door for Taylor and she hopped in. I closed the door and got in the front. I kissed my uncle on the cheek and gave him a hug. "Long time no see Jessica" He said with his thick English accent. I hissed after he called me Jessica. I hate it when people call me that. "Yeah Uncle Dick" I chuckled as I saw that he noticed my comment. My uncle's name isn't actually Dick, but it's Richard so, you catch my drift. He hates being called Dick as much as I hate being called Jessica. We both laughed and he turned to look at Taylor. "What a beautiful girl we have here.. Jessica, why is she friends with you?" he smirked and winked at me. Taylor quickly started to blush and I knew that she was flattered. I quickly slapped my uncle's arm and told him to start the engine. He told us the whole bit on the way to my house. He told us the rules and pre-cautions we should be taking. He is just like my dad, Makes sense because they're brothers. As we pulled up to the big house, I studied it carefully. Last time I was here was last summer so I hadn't expected it to change it to much. I gave my uncle a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and I opened the door. "Thanks for the ride Mr. Diamond" Taylor said as she got out and shut the door. I opened the trunk and took the 4 bags out and closed the trunk door. I then rolled my two suitcases towards the front door and Taylor did the same. "If you guys ever need anything, just call me! I'm only 45 minutes away! Cheers" He yelled as he opened his window. "Okay, and thank you!" Me and Taylor both yelled at the same time. My uncle pulled out of the driveway and drove off. Me and Taylor looked at each other and smirked. We were so excited for the year to come. I reached into my Coach purse and I grabbed my key and unlocked the door. I let Taylor walk in first and she stood there in awe. Both my parents are doctors so my family isn't doing to bad, money wise. I Rolled Taylor's two bags inside and then I grabbed my own.Once all our belongings were inside I closed the door and locked it. We were still standing in the dark because Taylor had no idea where the light was. Once I turned the light on, she couldn't speak. She was blown away. My house was huge, I had to admit. I walked towards the garage and checked on my car that I got as my 16th birthday present. It was still there. I closed the garage door and turned the kitchen light on and looked at the thermostat. It was so hot in my house so I turned the air conditioner. I went back into the front foyer and grabbed Taylor's two bags and took them upstairs. She quickly followed examining the place while walking up the stairs. I walked her over to the guest bedroom and put her two bags down. She stood at the doorway for a bit then she walked in. I think she liked the vibe, I'm not sure though. I ran downstairs to grab my two bags and took them upstairs to my room. I put them down in front of my closet. I opened my closet and examined it. I swear, When I was 17, I was a total slut. I quickly grabbed a shirt from my closet and tried it on. It fit perfectly. I need to gain weight. I took off the shirt and neatly put it back on the hanger and put on my original sweater and shirt and started to un-pack. Once I was done, My closet was full. I knew I was done and I put on my yoga short shorts and my big sweater that my boyfriend Tyler gave me and I ran to Taylor's room. She was done as well. She was laying on her bed with her cell phone. I sat beside her and saw that she was on Twitter. She was telling her siblings about her flight here. She has 6 brothers and sisters. Crazy isn't it? I'm an only child so I don't have to worry about it. "You hungry?" I asked looking into her green eyes. "Ohh, Yes!" She squealed. Shit, I don't have food. Well, I do but it's all expired. I ran downstairs and saw Taylor sitting at the table. I quickly grabbed my car keys and my cell phone and left. I heard Taylor say something on my way out but of course, I didn't listen. As I opened the garage door, I hopped into my black range rover. I started the engine and backed out of the driveway. Once I got to the nearest grocery store, I found the easiest foods to make. They were mostly canned foods and microwavable foods but that's fine. Once I finished shopping, I pushed the cart to my car and grabbed my keys from my purse and opened the trunk. I unloaded all of my bags and closed the trunk door. I looked for the nearest cart shed and wheeled my cart to the shed. I ran back to my car and hopped into the drivers seat and I looked at my shopping bill. It was $200.87. Maybe I did spend a lot.. I drove off. Once I got home I opened the garage door from  the keypad inside my car and it opened. I parked the car in the garage and I then opened the door to the house. "Taylor, Come help me with the groceries if you want to eat!" I yelled as I closed the door. Taylor came running out the door and she came and grabbed 2 bags in each hand. I carried 2 in each hand as well. Taylor stayed inside to un-pack all the bags while I went back out to my car to grab more bags. I grabbed two in my hands and brought them inside. I went back outside to check the car to make sure there were no bags left, There were none left so I closed all the doors and locked the doors. I closed the big garage door and I closed and locked the door to the house. I took off my shoes and put my keys in my purse and put it on the chair. I went to go help Taylor un-pack. She was almost done. Once we were finished, I let her pick out what she wanted to eat. She obviously picked Chicken noodle soup. I put the soup in a bowl and put in the microwave for 4 minutes. I then sat at the table with Taylor. "Do you think Tyler and I will still last?" I asked her with a worried look on my face. "Well, Do you want my honest opinion?" Taylor replied chucking. "No, I want you to lie to me.. " I said  in a sarcastic voice while winking. She caught my drift. "Well, to be honest, I don't think so.." Taylor replied. "Why? oh, and why do you hate Tyler so much? He's never done anything to you.." I said raising my voice. "He doesn't seem to be the one for you. I mean, yeah sure, you guys are cute and all but he wants certain things from you.. and plus, this relationship wont work if you're in England and he's in Toronto.." She said looking me dead in the eye. "We can make it work.. Can't we?.. and what? what things does he want?!" I said getting worried, it was something bad.. "He want's your virginity.. Haven't you noticed? A pretty girl like you, of course he wants to have sex with you. I swear, I can see it in his eyes. I'm sorry but I've seen it first hand.." Taylor said looking away. I quickly took out my cell phone because I could feel it vibrating against my hip. It was Tyler. The text read "Can you send me nudes? xoxo (;". I showed the text to Taylor and she examined it. She took my cell phone and pressed "Call Tyler". I can tell she was mad. "Tyler? It's Taylor." Taylor said sternly. "I read that text message you sent Jess, What's that all about?.." She said. "It was Kevin, Not me, I swear." Tyler said loudly through the phone. "Kevin my ass. This girl is in love with you and you do this? Goodbye asshole." Taylor hissed as she hung up the phone. "It's up to you what you do with it now.." Taylor said while looking at me. I shook my head. "I love him.. Too much. No one could ever replace him.." I said while standing up and walking towards the stairs. I saw Taylor get up to go get her soup from the corner of my eye. "I'm going to sleep, Good night! Oh and by the way, clean up when you're done." I yelled. "Good night, Sleep tight!" Taylor yelled back. 

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