And then I met you..

Taylor and Jess are just getting ready to leave Canada to go to England for College. Once they get there, They meet the people who will change their lives forever. Jess being from Ireland, knows England like it's the back of her hand so Taylor will be staying at her old place. Jess meets an old friend who ruins everything for her. Can she fix the broken pieces? Or is she just going to move on and never look back?


3. I like having that 'WOW' affect on guys..


                                                                 Taylor's P.O.V

 I had felt bad for what I had said to Jess yesterday so I decided to try and take her somewhere. Since I have no idea where anything in London was located I went on the laptop and searched "Night Clubs in London, England". "420,000 results in 0.19 seconds, not to bad" I mumbled to myself. I had to try and be as quiet as I could so Jess wouldn't wake up and throw a fit. I clicked the first result and up came Suite 203. "Who in hell would name a club this?" I said to myself as I looked at the Information heading. "Hey, That's 30 minutes from here!" I said as I checked a price of 1 ticket. "$260?! You've got to be kidding me" I said to myself. "I don't even know what that is in Canadian currency, uh, this is so frustrating.." I thought to myself. I got up and went upstairs to find my purse. I walked up the stairs and into my room. My purse was sitting on the dresser. I waked over and dug my hand inside to try and find my wallet. Once I felt it, I pulled it out and ran back downstairs. I sat back down in front of the computer and opened the money compartment. I had over $3000 dollars in here plus my credit cards. My dad said to use it only in emergencies and I believe that this is one. I looked back to the screen and I saw that they could convert the currencies right then and there. "Thank God.." I whispered to myself. I put in my credit card information. I turned on the printer and my 2 sheets were printing. The first sheet that came out was mine. I looked at the date we were supposed to attend and it was tomorrow night. Drinks were free, and open all night.  I was excited. I heard Jess coming downstairs so I quickly closed the site and shut down the computer. "What were you doing?" Jess said half awake. "Oh, I was just checking my Facebook.." I said trying not to smile. "Great, you hungry?" She said as she walked into the kitchen without looking at me. "Oooooo, yes!" I said running upstairs with my wallet trying to hide it from Jess. I ran into my room and threw my wallet into my purse and ran back downstairs. Once I got downstairs, I walked into the kitchen and saw Jess had made microwavable bacon. "O M G, MY FAVOURITE" I yelled while sitting down. She looked at me and grinned. "Oh, I know" She said while walking towards me with a plate. On the plate was a bowl of cereal and bacon. "Cereal, how original" I said to myself as Jess walked away. Once I had finished eating I put my bowl in the dishwasher and ran to find Jess. She was taking a picture for Tumblr. "Really? I'm taking you somewhere. Get dressed and let's go, meet me in the car in 10 minutes" I said while walking to my room. I put on my yoga shorts and I put on my Abercrombie t-shirt. I grabbed my purse from the dresser and I ran downstairs. I grabbed Jess' car keys from the table at the front door and I walked outside to the garage. I unlocked the car and I hopped in the drivers seat. I opened the garage door from a button inside the car. I pulled out and parked. I closed the garage door. A few seconds later Jess came running out with the house keys in her hand. "Where the hell are we going Taylor?" she said while getting into the passengers seat. "You'll see" I whispered while I pulled out of the driveway. "Did you lock the door?" I said while glancing over at her. "Yup" She said while turning on the radio. I looked down at her feet and I noticed she had a new purse. I swear, she has an obsession with purses. I wasn't stupid so I went to the only mall I knew in London. I had no idea what stores I would take Jess to but I was thinking that winging it was my best option at this point. I parked the car and We gathered our belongings and started walking. I stopped and turned around and locked the car and put the keys into my purse. I ran to catch up to Jess. Once we got into the mall. we stopped to look at the directory. "H&M! I yelled while grabbing Jess' wrist and walking towards the store. Once we got inside we were surrounded by gorgeous dresses. "Just what I was hoping for.." I whispered by walking over to a red dress. "Hello, May I help you?" Me and Jess turned around to see a beautiful boy. He looked perfect. His eyes were a warm brown and his hair was put up. He had one blonde piece of hair which I loved. His skin tone was perfect and I could see his muscles through his shirt. Oh my god, He was lucky I didn't jump on him right then and there. "Oh, uh, yes, could you reach that dress for me up there?" I said while staring at his toned stomach. "Of course babe.." He reached up and grabbed it and handed it to me. I took it from his hand and walked to the dressing room. He followed and from the corner of my eye I could see him checking me out. As I walked into a room, I could hear Jess in another. She must've found a dress she liked too. Once I got in the dress, I went out of the room to see how it looked. The dress looked amazing. I had a medium sized ass and well, I had medium sized boobs. I weighed only about 137 pounds but I was 5'5. I looked in the mirror and I turned around to try and see the back side of myself. The dress complimented me perfectly and it made my legs look long and slim. It was short and was only about an inch away from my ass. From the corner of my eye I saw the man that helped me grab the dress looking at me again. I turned to face him and I said "What do you think?..". He walked over and grabbed my hips and turned me towards the mirror. "I think it looks great. I like how it shows a little from here to here" He said while feeling from my hips to below my chest. He then turned me to face him. " I also love this neckline on you.." He said while outlining the top of the dress with his fingertips. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his. "I'm Zayn, and you?" He said while staring at me with a piercing look in his eyes. "I'm T-Taylor.." I said while looking down to see his chest moving up and down. "Nice to meet you Taylor." He said while placing his hands on my hips once again. I swiftly put my hands on his stomach and I could feel his abs though his tight shirt. I then went on my toes and whispered in his ear "Are you sure you're my type?" I let go of his stomach and turned back to the room and got dressed into my original clothes. Once I walked out with all my belongings and I walked out of the room and there was Zayn leaning against a wall staring at me up and down. I walked towards him and I turned around so my ass was in front of him. I pretended to drop something and I pretended to pick it up giving him a view of my ass. I could feel him grabbing my hips and bringing his crotch to my ass. I slowly stood up and turned around to face him. I kissed my finger and put it to his lips. I winked and walked away. I didn't turn around, I liked having that 'WOW' affect on guys. I walked to the register and saw Jess was waiting with her dress that she bought. I quickly brought out my credit card and paid for mine. She put the dress in the bag and handed it to me. "Thanks, oh and by the way, make sure you tell your manager that that young man over there should get a raise, He was a huge help." I winked then I turned around and exited the store. "Shit, I didn't get to see your dress Jess!" I said while looking at her while walking. "I took pictures!" She reassured me and pulled out her phone and brought up her Photos App. "Jess, That looks fantastic on you!" I said astounded. The dress was black and was super short. It was strapless and black. Mine was strapless as well. "Wow, That looks great!" I said while I handed her phone back to Jess. "Where to next?" She said while putting her phone away. "I think they have a Nordstroms here.." Jess said while looking around. "Isn't that American?" I said. "Yeah, but I guess they expanded, how would I know?" She said while giggling. We walked by about 20 stores and got to Nordstroms. "I guess you were right Jess.." I said while walking in. She followed and looked at all the clothes they had on display. We walked to the middle of this floor and saw that the shoe department was downstairs. We made our way down the escalator and once we got half way down to the downstairs floor, We saw about 1,000 pairs of shoes. "Holy shit, This could take a while.." I said while looking around. Once we got to the ground. We went separate ways. Jess went to the High-Heeled boots section while, of course, I went to the Pump section. "OH MY GOD THESE ARE GORGEOUS! " I said while running over to a pair. They were back with a red sole and they had to be 5 inches. I loved them. I took off my high heeled boot and tried them on. I walked around in them and they felt very comfortable. They would be easy to dance in. I put the shoes back in the box and walked up to the register and paid. Once I was done, I walked up to Jess and asked if she was done. She was almost done. She had these boots that tied up and they were really high. She checked out and we made our way back into the mall. "TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, LET'S GO IN HERE!" She yelled. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the hair salon. I took a seat in the waiting room as she ran inside. I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours. I was getting so bored. I was about to go see what Jess was doing but right when I stood up out came Jess and she dyed her hair brown! "What the hell happened to you..?" I asked while checking out her new hair. "My uncle owns this salon so I get everything free here.." Said while walking out. "So, what are we doing? I mean, Why are we going shopping? Are we going somewhere?" She said while walking beside me towards the mall entrance. "Yeah, I was going to surprise you because we're going to a night club tomorrow." I said while opening the mall entrance door for Jess. "REALLY?! I'M SO EXCITED!" She said while clapping and jumping. "Yeah! Tomorrow night!" I said while opening the car. I took Jess' bags and my own bags and put them in the trunk I slammed the trunk door and hopped into the drivers seat. Jess was already buckled into the passengers seat. I put on my seat belt and we were off. Once we got home. We watched the news and ordered Chinese food. Once we finished eating, We went to bed because we would be up all night the next day.

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