And then I met you..

Taylor and Jess are just getting ready to leave Canada to go to England for College. Once they get there, They meet the people who will change their lives forever. Jess being from Ireland, knows England like it's the back of her hand so Taylor will be staying at her old place. Jess meets an old friend who ruins everything for her. Can she fix the broken pieces? Or is she just going to move on and never look back?


1. England, Here we come!

                                                   Taylor' P.O.V

 "Jess, We're going to miss the damn plane!" I yelled. No answer. I ran upstairs and knocked on the door. No answer. I opened the door and there I saw Jess applying Mascara. "JESS?! I called you and you didn't answer! Oh, and we're late so hurry your ass up" I said as I walked out of the room and trotted down the stairs. As I was waiting for Jess, There was a honk outside which meant the taxi was here. "JESS, THE TAXI IS HERE.. IF YOU AREN'T HERE IN 0.5 SECONDS, YOU AREN'T COMING WITH ME.." I yelled as I gathered the bags together and Started to carry the first one outside. "Hello! I'm Taylor, and we will be just a minute, My friend is taking a really long time to get ready." I said to the Taxi driver. He nodded and turned on the radio. As I ran back to grab the second bag, I saw Jess walking down the stairs. I looked at her from head to toe. She looked beautiful as always. Her Strawberry blonde hair was in loose curls and it flowed down to her elbows. Her blue eyes stood out from her blue eye shadow and her mascara. She wore skinny jeans with flip flops and a grey hoodie. "Great, you're ready! Now help me with these last 2 bags so we can actually leave". She picked up her bag and walked out the door towards the trunk of the taxi to place the bag inside. I then grabbed my bag and put it on the step outside of the door. I then grabbed my keys out of my pocket and I locked the door. I stuffed my keys back into my pocket and I rolled my suitcase towards the trunk and lifted the suitcase up and put it in carefully. I slammed the trunk door and walked towards the passenger seat and opened the door and hoped in. I told the taxi driver the airport name and we were on our way. "Jess, Did we forget anything?" I asked. "Uhh, Purses? check. Make-up bags? check. Passports? check" She said. "Thank God we didn't forget anything." I replied. The rest of the ride was about 30 minutes long and we just sat in silence for most of it. Once we got to the drop off zone, I took out my wallet and took out $30 and gave it to the man.  Me and Jess both got out and opened the trunk and grabbed out 4 bags and and put them on the side walk. We waved as the man drove off. "Now the journey begins.." I said as we started walking towards the airport entrance. We walked through the entrance doors and walked to the bag drop off. "Hi! We have 2 bags being checked and we have 2 being carried on" We said as we lifted the two heavy bags onto the belt. "Thank you! Where are you girls off to this lovely morning?" the lady asked us. "England!" we replied at the same time. "That's great! Anways, you will see these bags on the other side. Here are your bag receipts. They are used when you misplace your bag and can't find it." she said. "Thank you, bye!" I said walking away with my purse and the water bottle that I just pulled out of my purse. "So Jess, are you ready to got through customs?" I asked. "Let's go!" she replied walking a bit faster than before. Once we got there, we read the signs and they clearly said that you have to take off your shoes, Any money out of your pockets, cellphones, no liquids past this point and you couldn't wear any metal through the detectors. I quickly threw my plastic water bottle in the recycling bin beside the sign and made my way through the line. Jess followed me but keeping her eyes glued to her phone. She was probably talking to her boyfriend Tyler. I shook my head and kept walking. Once we got to the front of the line, I took off my black pumps and my hoodie. I put them in a bin and I took all the spare change out of my pockets and put it in as well. I put my purse in another bin and I took my cellpone out of my back pocket and put it in the bin with my purse. I looked back at Jess and saw that she put her phone in her own bin and took off her shoes and put them in with her purse. I walked through the detector and I waited and the man let me through. I quickly took another look at Jess and she also made it through. I quickly put my black pumps back on and I put the change in my pockets and my cellphone in my back pocket. I slipped my hoodie back on and I grabbed my purse. As I waited for Jess to get her stuff on, I saw a woman staring at me. I smiled. "I love your outfit! Where did you get it from?" She asked while she was coming over. She was my age and she was much prettier than I was. I had completely forgot what I was wearing so I looked down and saw my white skinny jeans, my light blue Hollister hoodie and my black pumps. "Thanks! But I actually have no idea." I said. I felt embarrassed because I had absolutely no idea where I got this outfit from. "Oh that's okay! I have to go catch my flight, It's leaving in 10 minutes! It was nice talking to you!" She replied while walking away. I flashed her a smile then I turned around to see if Jess was done or not. She was walking towards me. "Everything's all good, right?" I asked. "OF COURSE! Let's get going!" she said as she walked away. I followed her while opening my purse to grab my passport and my boarding pass. I held both items in my hand and ran to catch up to Jess. "Do you have your boarding pass and your passport?" I asked. "Uhhm, I'll look." she said worriedly. She looked in her purse and pulled out both a passport and a boarding pass. A sign of relief came over me. She looked at me and smiled. I looked at the boarding pass and it said 'Terminal no.21'. "21! Look for number 21." I said to Jess. I looked at what number we were at now and we were at 17. I looked further down and I saw 21. "It's right there!" I said while pointing at the big green number. Jess looked at her watch. She looked at me and back at the watch. "What's wrong?" I asked while still walking. "OUR FLIGHT LEAVES IN 5 MINUTES" She yelled. We started to run to the terminal. It was quite difficult for me because of my shoes but I managed. As we got there, They were about to close the doors. "WAAAIITITT, WE NEED TO GET ON THAT FLIGHT!" I yelled running a bit faster. The girl turned around and looked at us. "They're taking off any minute and I'm not permitted to let anyone through but I will let you lovely ladies through because I'm in a good mood today." She said smiling at the both of us. We handed her both our boarding passes and out passports. She scanned them and gave them back to us. "Have a great flight ladies." she replied smiling with all teeth showing. While me and Jess were walking into the big doors, I heard the lady say something into her walkie talkie but I didn't catch what she said. As we made our way down the ramp, I heard the door open and I smiled. I walked inside of the plane and apologized to the man who opened the door and quickly took our seats. Jess and I were sitting beside each other but since there were 3 seats in a section, We had to sit beside 1 more person. The lady looked nice. She was watching The Hunger Games on the screen in front of her. I sat down beside her and Jess sat in the isle seat. "That was a rush." I said in a whispered tone. She nodded and started to set up the screen in front of her so she could watch a movie. "The flight is going to be 8 hours long so I'm going to get some sleep okay?" I asked Jess. She nodded. We were on our way.

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