Torn between two lovers

Fitzie Tomlinson ,Louis Tomlinson sister decides to live with his brother because their parents separated.when she gets to meet his 4 other mates will she fall for one of them?maybe two?but who will she choose the one that take away her virginity and leave her broken or the one who catch her whenever she's fallen?


2. Moving in

Om so today is the day I've been waiting for I'm moving with one direction yeah you read it right one fucking direction.........

I was preparing my clothes when my phone ring
It was a call from Louis.
"hey boo bear"that's my nickname for him.
"ok so are you ready my little cupcake"
"I should be ready right now if you didn't call"
"aww did i interrupt my little cupcake" yeah he's teasing me
"so are you on your way to pick me up?"
"I'm not the one picking you up cupcake"
"what?who?"I asked
"uhm. One of my mates Harry"
"Harry flipping styles????!"I asked shocked
"no other than"
"but why?"I asked a littl annoyed
"ok little sis he's on his way to pick you up bye lavya" with that he hung up.
I continue to pack my things when I finish packing my things I brush my hair put a little makeup and being as pretty as I can to please soon as I finish I hear someone knock on the door I open it and revealed no other than the gorgeous Harry styles. My jaw dropped literally and he chuckle.i was embarrassed and quickly closed my mouth and invited him inside.....
"hi,I'm Harry"he said
"uhm hi I'm Fitzie I think you already know me"I said shyly
"uhmmm so are we going?"he asked
"yeah,im so excited to see my brother"
He get my thing and place it at the back seat and he open the door for me uhhhhh how sweet

Harry's Pov

Louis told me to pick up his little sister while he prepare food for her wow she must be very special for him.
I reached her house and knock on her door she quickly opened it and saw a very gorgeous girl standing infront of me her jaw dropped when she saw me and I chuckle a bit.she was embarrassed and invited me inside I really Like her,she's so hot ,those curves,boobs and bum damn it Harry stop your dirty thoughts .we headed to my car and I put her luggage in the backseat and opened the door for her.she blush oh those red cheeks I wanna touch them and kiss them. It's so boring on our way back to louis flat .i opened the LCD on my car and played a movie uhmm the movie was kinda sexual and she can't look directly at the screen. Then the sexual scene came and I looked at her then she look at me then look away. So awkward .i started a conversation with her to make it less awkward.
"so you look a lot like you brother"I said
"i don't know if that was a compliment"she said
"yes it is your so cute"she looked at me and look down at her feet .i mentally slap my face for making things awkward again.

Fitzie's Pov

After a long drive we finally reached my brother's house I already saw him outside waiting for us.
I quickly run up to him and hug him tightly.we headed inside the house and then I saw the other boys but zayn caught my eye damn those brown sparkling eyes.they were talking on the couch and as soon as they us coming they look on our direction.zayn smiled widely and gave me a hug and introduce himself also Liam and Niall.louis and Harry go to the kitchen to prepare the food and Niall got a call and go outside the house to answer it.Liam follow the boys in kitchen to help prepare the food.that left me and zayn alone.
"so Fitzie, how old are you"he asked
"18"I replied
"so you'll be living with us I thin we can be good friends"
"yeah I also think of that,zayn"
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