Torn between two lovers

Fitzie Tomlinson ,Louis Tomlinson sister decides to live with his brother because their parents separated.when she gets to meet his 4 other mates will she fall for one of them?maybe two?but who will she choose the one that take away her virginity and leave her broken or the one who catch her whenever she's fallen?


5. Is he really the one?

Fitzie's POV

I was awaken by a loud noise came from Zayn's room. I quickly go there to see what happened.i knock at the door.
"go away,I wanted to be alone"I can hear the hurt in his voice.
"Zayn,this is Fitzie are you okay?"

"yeah,I just wanted to be alone"

"ok I'll just leave you alone,call me when you need me"

"ok thanks"

With that I leave.i quickly go to Harry's room but I stopped at the doorway when I see Harry talking to someone on phone.
'really Brittany I'm coming there right now,I want you to wear the lingerie I bought you that look hot in you.brace yourself cuz i'm doing it rough tonight.bye love you'
I just stand there frozen I just thought to myself maybe she's one of his one night stands.wait maybe I'm also one of his one night stands..guhhh I'm so stupid!
I quickly ran away and go to the nearest room which is Zayn's room.i open it and luckily it's unlock.i cried a lot and I didn't even realize that zayn wa there until he spoke.

" Fitzie are you alright?why are you crying?who made you cry?"I was bombarded with questions

"yeah zayn I'm alright. Harry just had sex with me last night and then now he's going to that Brittany chick doing the same thing he did with me last night and here I am saying I am fucking alright."
Zayn fell silent we just stare at each other then he hugged me and comfort me.we just stay like that.i feel safe in his arms. I cry on his shoulders and let all of my anger out.
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