Torn between two lovers

Fitzie Tomlinson ,Louis Tomlinson sister decides to live with his brother because their parents separated.when she gets to meet his 4 other mates will she fall for one of them?maybe two?but who will she choose the one that take away her virginity and leave her broken or the one who catch her whenever she's fallen?


6. Fitzie's POV

It's been a week when that cheating Harry incident happened.we barely talk to each other.i ignored him and act like nothing happened between the two of us.well it seems like he doesn't feel anything to me.that day when I hear him talking to that Brittany chick he came home with an orange skin,big boobs,big bum,so skinny,face caked with make up blonde girl that dress like a slut.they spend the night at Harry's room and I can even hear that girl moaning Harry's name.i didn't get sleep that night cuz they were so noisy.
Me and Zayn got a lot closer this week he's my bestfriend besides Louis.I feel really comfortable with Zayn.we get along really well.we do stupid things together,we laugh at each others corny jokes at each others clumsiness. I'm starting to like this guy but I don't want to ruin our friendship and I'm sure he doesn't feel the same way. I'm just a bestfriend to him.

"Zayn!give me back my makeup kit or else I will remove all the mirrors here!" i shouted at him while running after him

"how many times do I have to tell you you don't need them!"he shouted while running

"well thank you but I need that bac-just then I tripped and fall right ontop of Zayn.were so close to each other nose to nose.we were staring at each others eyes and got interrupted by a cough.we both stand up.

"hey am I interrupting something?"Harry says

No you didn't you just saved me from an awkward situation.i say to my head

"no your not"I say trying to remove the awkwardness from me

"ok" Harry replies then leave .
That left me and zayn alone.

"hey Zayn bring me back my makeup now"

"ok here"he said passing me the makeup

"good boy" I say patting him on the head

"hey Fitzie you want to join me on the jacuzzi"

"what?you have jacuzzi here and I haven't even have a chance to see that this whole week?"

"it is on the ground is actually hidden,we only show that to people were close to"

"what are you waiting let's go there!"

I go to my room get changed on my bathing suit and go to the ground floor where the jacuzzi is. Zayn is already there waiting for me.when he saw me his jaw dropped. So cute.

"hey zayn take a picture,it won't last"

I quickly sit on the jacuzzi with zayn across from me.
I leaned in to take a closer look to his eyes it's so beautiful.

"zayn,your eyes are beautiful and your eyelashes are so long"
He blushed then looked down.gosh!did I really make Zayn blush.

"zayn you look like a tomato I can eat you"I joked

"then eat me Fitz"

I bite him in the neck he just sit there left love bite I regret it after .why in his neck I could have bite his arms instead.why oh why?

"uhm Zayn sorry it left love bite,they would think you did....uhm...." I can't say the exact word

"you deserved a punishment"with that he bites me in the neck.that's when the boys walk in.

"Zayn!are you biting my sister?!in the neck?!"Louis shouted .Zayn quickly pulled away and blushed.

"Lou I'm just punishing her. She's the first one who bite me"Zayn said defensively

"And why did you bite him Fitzie?"Harry asks in a jealous tone

" that's none of your business Harry,I can bite him wherever I want and wheneVer I want."

"does it even bother you Harry?"Zayn asked

"I-uh-uhm-I" he stuttered

"I-ah-uhh-ehh"I mimicked him "Cat got you're tongue?"

" outta here"with that he walks out.

"what's with the dramatic exit?"Niall ask

"he got pissed Zaynie."Louis said

"more like jealous"Liam said in serious tone.

"jealous of what?"I ask

"he's jealous because he doesn't get hickeys!"Niall joke

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