Torn between two lovers

Fitzie Tomlinson ,Louis Tomlinson sister decides to live with his brother because their parents separated.when she gets to meet his 4 other mates will she fall for one of them?maybe two?but who will she choose the one that take away her virginity and leave her broken or the one who catch her whenever she's fallen?


3. A Jealous Harry

Me and Zayn just talk there when the boys walk in.

Hey!you two already close to each other huh!hey Zayn she's off limits mate"Louis yelled

We're just talking here Boobear!"I yelled at his face

Umm it has some sexual scene in this part .......

Talking about what?"Harry asked.he looked hurt kinda jealous wait...did I just say jealous.he's jealous?does he like me?fuck I am one lucky bitch!!!!!!

NO!quit assuming you'll end up getting hurt ...

We just want to get to know each other better"zayn said

And why is that?"Harry asked

We got interrupted by Niall shouting at us that the food is ready that we should hurry before he ends up eating all of our food.that cute Irish man is always hungry.

Zayn sit next to me on the table and were accross Harry. I caught him staring at me multiple times he just smirk at me then look at his food.
After we finished eating I go straight to my room to get changed now I was only in my bra and underwear.when Harry walked in.
"The fuck Harry,knocking would be very nice!"
Instead of walking out he came closer and I blushed a deep shade of red
"I love the way I make you blush"
He pull me closer to him and he touch my butt
"Harry!what the fuck are you doing!?"
"touching ur butt babe"
"perverted ass hole"
I pulled away but he was just too strong.he kissed my neck then my lips I kissed back I feel him smile on our kiss hewn I kissed back.It felt so good because I like him a lot.
He unhook my bra and throw it on the floor he looked at my breast and lick his lips then he kissed it.I let out a moan he then slid his hand inside my underwear.he was about to remove my underwear when I stop him.
What?! He asked annoyed that I stop him.
"I'm a virgin Harry! I'm not yet ready."
"I would be very gentle babe"
He was now on top of me naked.
"are you ready babe?"he asked me . I nodded
He then thrust in me and I gasped because it hurts.
It took a few minutes when the pain got replaced by pleasure.i let out a moan multiple times and Harry just kissed me so that no one can hear us.he thrust inside me and it just felt so good and bad at the same time because I think that Harry might think I'm an easy catch.
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