Torn between two lovers

Fitzie Tomlinson ,Louis Tomlinson sister decides to live with his brother because their parents separated.when she gets to meet his 4 other mates will she fall for one of them?maybe two?but who will she choose the one that take away her virginity and leave her broken or the one who catch her whenever she's fallen?


1. Introduction"...

Hi I'm Fitzie Tomlinson Louis tomlinson's sister I love him so much were really close to each other but he had to leave to fulfill his dreams to become a singer and yeah he fulfill it he is in one direction who doesn't know that.but we still keep in touch we call each other whenever he's not busy.well I'm going to describe myself I look a lot like Louis I have long dark brown wavy hair green sparkling eyes and yeah tanned skin but a little lighter than my brother.yeah I'm 18 yrs of age.

Things get complicated when our parents fight almost everyday that they have to separate and I'm on my mother's custody together with my 2 other little sisters and the 2 other are in my dad's.i'm happy that I'm with my mom but she changed a lot she always go home drunk and doesn't pay much attention to her daughters anymore.thank God my aunt is there to look after my sisters.

Ok so I'm living with my brother in London with his mates yeah I'm living with one direction I am very excited to go there of course I will still visit my sisters here,they can't go because they go to brother invited me to live with them I got overly excited because I miss him so much but I have other reason why I'm excited it's because I have a HUGE CRUSH on HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!!
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