Dear Heart, Why Him?

Ash is a girl who is never afraid, she lives in the New York. The one thing she loves the most is the park. Always alive, and full of freedom. But what happens when she one day meets Damon? The boy who always shows up, when less expect it? And this one nameless boy, who's face is covered with his hair, and look really creepy, and doesn't speak much? When Ash comes into something she isn't up to, what will happen? Will she fall in love, or abandon?


3. How?

"It's very nice to meet you Ash," he answered with a smile. I stood total shock - what had just happened?
I pulled my hand out of his, and stepped a step back, and then another one, and another. I moved further and further away, something frightened me about him - not him himself, but there was something different about him - and I couldn't get the little moment with the purple eyes go away.

He kept looking at me, as I went further and further away. Like he was expecting me to come back, with in seconds. But I didn't have that thought in my mind, what so ever. But I wouldn't say that I didn't feel me attracted to him, cause every thing about him just invited you in. His hair that was this bed hair messy, his thin built, but in the mean time he had this muscular body. But just as he was attractive, I could sense he was dangerous. Could I describe it?  No, it was just a feeling in my gut.

When there finally was some good space between us, he began moving with me.
"Didn't I say to go away?" I asked. I stopped up, for a second, and began moving again.
"Actually you didn't. You told me no to help you find somebody, never to go away," he answered my question.
"Then I'm telling it to you now: G O  A W A Y !"

He put on a smile, but he didn't listen to me, and didn't go away - this guy was a bitch. His eyes flicked a little purple again, and I could feel a pull in my body, when it began to walk forward against my will. I tried to fought it, but it didn't help. I looked at Damon and tried to figure something out. I remembered the introduction, this was the second time he did this to me. How could he do it? I suddenly began to feel fear, for the first time in a long time. I wanted out!

Just as I had thought the thought, I stopped. I couldn't feel the pull anymore. I looked up at Damon, and he stood just as confused as I felt. He didn't let go? Now I felt fear. What happened? What was Damon? And what did he just do?

"How?" whispered Damon - but not quiet enough so that I couldn't hear it.

I ran. I didn't know what he was, and I didn't plan on finding out. And before I knew it, I was home in the apartment that I shared with my mother. I didn't know where to put myself, my mom wasn't home when it was in the middle of the afternoon. I went towards my room, when the bell rang. I froze in place. Did he follow me here? But in the mean time, why would he? He didn't have any business with me, did he?

I went slowly for the door, trying not to make a sound on the way. When I laid my eye to the peeing hole, relief found its way trough my body. I opened the door, and stood eyes to eyes with my nabo.



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