Dear Heart, Why Him?

Ash is a girl who is never afraid, she lives in the New York. The one thing she loves the most is the park. Always alive, and full of freedom. But what happens when she one day meets Damon? The boy who always shows up, when less expect it? And this one nameless boy, who's face is covered with his hair, and look really creepy, and doesn't speak much? When Ash comes into something she isn't up to, what will happen? Will she fall in love, or abandon?


2. Beautiful

I walked around in the park, looking after that kid. I had been going in what seemed forever, but it was only half an hour. I couldn't find him, but if he also walked around, then it wouldn't be easy to find him. I decided to sit down a little, but didn't get far to the bench before I found a man, with the same hoodie, as the kid! I ran over to him, and took a good gasp around his shoulder, and turned him around. That was when I froze. Again. First: This wasn't the kid, second, did his eyes just turn from a light purple to brown? The man looked at me, and gave me a cute little smile.

"Two seconds beautiful, then I will be there," he said now with a sexy smile.  I quickly got to my senses and ran way. What the hell just happened? Did he think I was going to hit on him? Gross.

I ran for about two minutes, before stopping, and began to walk again. About thirty seconds later he was there again.

"Hey! Hey Beautiful!" He yelled after me, and i quickly began to run again.
"HEY! Where are you going DEAR?!" He yelled again, this time I stopped. And only to make him run into me.
"That hurt!" I screamed at him. He flinched a little back, but not much.
"Don't scream like that, it hurt my ears."
I rolled my eyes. This boy is driving me crazy.
"What do you WANT?" I asked really hoping I sounded more unfriendly than what I heard.
"What I want? It was you who ran to me, not the other away around," He answered, I gave him a look.
That was true, but I didn't want to admit it: "So?" I asked.
"So.. When a beautiful young lady like yourself, walks up to me, she always want something." he smirked at me, saying that  he had me all figured out, so I smirked right back at him.

"So you mean that I was going to make a move on you?" He nodded in agreement, and I started to laugh hard. When I was done, it was hard to breath, and the boy looked at me with some strange eyes.

"Sorry mate, but I'm not. I was actually looking for someone." I said still catching my breath.

"Okay, let me help looking!" He asked happily.
"No!" I said hard, now my breath was back, and didn't find this situation funny any longer.
"Why?" He asked. I sighted. "Because you are a stranger maybe?"

I thought of that for a while, and then put his hand forward towards me. I looked at it with curiosity. He took my hand in his, and shook it. 
"Hello. My name is Damon, and not demon. Whats your's?"
I didn't say anything, just stood there looking at him. He opened his mouth at said something without any sound: My name is ... 
And without notice I said my name, even when I didn't want to. "Ash."


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