Dear Heart, Why Him?

Ash is a girl who is never afraid, she lives in the New York. The one thing she loves the most is the park. Always alive, and full of freedom. But what happens when she one day meets Damon? The boy who always shows up, when less expect it? And this one nameless boy, who's face is covered with his hair, and look really creepy, and doesn't speak much? When Ash comes into something she isn't up to, what will happen? Will she fall in love, or abandon?


1. How to Meet

I am walking around in the park, like any other day, it is like a fast routine in my life - everyday I would take a stroll here. It is so comforting, an I feel it is the only place where I can relax one hundred percent. But somehow this day was different. I couldn't describe it with words, but I had this nostalgia feeling. This feeling did I almost never feel, and when I do, it is when I beat the crap out of someone, that I feel I have done it one hundred million times before - which probably was true, when you think how many times it have been by now.

I'm walking towards my normal bench, that I always sit one if it is available. You could say it is again today, and maybe not. There is sitting one person. He is sitting with his legs up, his arms around, and his face is resting on his knees. I can't see his face, because of all the hair. He has seriously hair EVERY WHERE, but in some way it isn't looking bad, but rather good, actually.

I begin to sit down, but the boy moves, and is one his way to move out of the way for me. But when I don't want him to move, because I was coming, I begin to sit up again, and this time he sits down again, always watching my movement, and almost looks like he is one step ahead of me, like he is reading my movements.

I am going to find that out. I begin to sit down again, and as I said, he begins to move away again. This are we doing in some time, until he finally make the choice to open then mouth: "Why can't you just do one?!" he almost whispered.

"What?" I asked and put on a babyface, to look cute - or something like that.

"You know WHAT I mean. Sit or don't, I don't care, just make a choice! I can move!" This time his voice is even smaller then before.  But not so small that I can't hear.

"I SAID: Sit or don't!" He finally yell, and look at me.

I smile, he finally looks at me!

My face froze. He. Was. So. Handsome. His hair had moved out of the way, and I could see some of his face. He fast got it back in front of his face, or more exactly in front of his eyes. Why did he hide between his hair? 

"It's just something I do, alright?!" He said. I didn't move. Did I just say that out loud?!

"N... Yes, you did." N, as in no? Why was he going to say no? The N couldn't mean anything else, in this sentence.

"N?" I asked curious now.  He still didn't look at me, but this time he began to walk away from me, with me sitting like a big questions mark. What the Hell?!

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