Love Forever

This s a story about a girl and her friend best friend/cousin named Summer and Anika. They were super big fans of one direction! They've always wanted to go to their concerts and hangout with all five of the hotties. If their dreams come true, will Harry fall inlove wth Anika and will Niall fall inlove wth Summer?

Read to find out!


5. The mall

~Anika's p.o.v~

We all stepped in the car. Harry was in the driver's seat, I was in the passengers seat and  Summer was in the back with Niall. I turned on the radio and a One Direction song came on. Live while we're young. I cranked it up and me and Summer started to sing along with the song. After that song, I decided to put on Oath (one of my favourite songs). I started to sing my little heart out. The car ride lasted a good 10 minutes. As we got their, Harry got out of the car first. He opened the door for me."Oh thank you Mr.Styles". I said. "No problem my lady". He said. Harry is such a gentlemen.


~Harry's p.o.v~

Anika is so pretty. To me I think she is the prettiest girl in the whole world. Even in the universe! I have big feelings for her. I...I....I love her. I wonder if she loves me back. We all entered the mall. We decided to split up. Me and Anika will be going to watch a movie at the theatres. Niall and Summer are going to look around I guess. "See you guys in a few hours".I said. "Yeah see you two in a few!". Niall said. We went off to do our own things.


~Summer's p.o.v~

"So were do you want to go first?". Niall said. "Umm.... maybe forever 21!" I said yelling. After trying on some clothes, I went to pay for my stuff. "Let me pay for that Summer!". Niall said. "No it's okay!". "No! I really do want to buy some clothes for you!". The Irish boy said. I let him pay for my stuff. We finished are shopping. 2 HOURS LATER..."Ready to go guys?". Harry said. We all said yeah. "What are going to do when we get back?" Anika said. "Let's watch the Notebook!". Harry said. "okay fine.". I said.



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