Love Forever

This s a story about a girl and her friend best friend/cousin named Summer and Anika. They were super big fans of one direction! They've always wanted to go to their concerts and hangout with all five of the hotties. If their dreams come true, will Harry fall inlove wth Anika and will Niall fall inlove wth Summer?

Read to find out!


4. starting the day

~summer`s p.o.v~

I wake up and I start staring at the ceiling thinking of what just happened yesterday. I felt so happy! I finally decided to get off my bed. As I got up, I herd a scream. I rushed out the door and went into Anika's room. She lying on the floor crying."what happened Ani?"."I woke up and I herd Harry sing in the bathroom. I screamed of excitement!"she said. I was saying in my head WOW ANIKA! "Anika! Your serious right? Never mind that. I'm hungry. Let's go to the kitchen and see what we can eat". I said. We entered the kitchen and I saw all the 5 guys sitting at the table eating pancakes."You two hungry?" Zayn said. We both said yes. The pancakes were so good! After the breakfast I decided to take a shower. 15 MINUTES LATER...I step out of the shower walked to my room. I looked in my suitcase and found a nice pair of skinny jeans and a nice pink lace shirt. I heard a knock at my door."hello?" I said. "Oh hey it's Niall. I just wanted to know if you, me, Anika and harry would like to go to the mall and go shopping?"."um yeah sure! Just let me finish changing and we can go!".




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