Love Forever

This s a story about a girl and her friend best friend/cousin named Summer and Anika. They were super big fans of one direction! They've always wanted to go to their concerts and hangout with all five of the hotties. If their dreams come true, will Harry fall inlove wth Anika and will Niall fall inlove wth Summer?

Read to find out!


3. One Direction

Anika's  P.o.v

OMG! I'm satnding infront of One Direction. My heart is pounding louder then usial. As I saw Harry, I huged him rite away. We all laughed. I never thought that I would me laughing with One Directon. Ok Anika. Calm down."So..... What do you guys want to do now?". I said. "Lets go to are place". Harry said. "Ya. And we can eat some jun or something like that". Niall said. Obviously. So as we walked out of the arena, I saw a long black limo waiting for us.



Summer's P.o.v

I saw the limo. My heart was pounding. I couldin't beileive I was hanging out with One Direction and I was going in a limo with them. And Niall looked handsome as always. I saw that Harry and Anika were getting along very well. They have so much in commen aperintly. I felt my phone vibrating on my lap. It was a text from Anika.  She was sitting rite beside me! I read it. 

*I'm freaking out summer. I am freaking out!*

I laghed. After 15 minutes of sitting in the limo, we got out of it. I saw a BIG house. Nice and fancy looking on the outside. But in the inside.... it's humongest! "Summer. This is your room". Liam said."And Anika. This is your room". Louis said. As i walked in my room, I saw a nce chandelier and a quee size bed. The room was bigger then mine. That's for sure. I put my stuff on the nice wood floor and layed on my bed. I realized that I was in One Direction's house. I closed my eyes and think of all the things that my cousin, One Directon and I could do together for 5 days.






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