Love Forever

This s a story about a girl and her friend best friend/cousin named Summer and Anika. They were super big fans of one direction! They've always wanted to go to their concerts and hangout with all five of the hotties. If their dreams come true, will Harry fall inlove wth Anika and will Niall fall inlove wth Summer?

Read to find out!


6. Movie night!

~Niall's p.o.v~

I'm so excited to watch a movie. I just love watching movies with a alot of people. I decided to go in Summer's room. I walk near her room and I hear a singing voice. It must be Summer. Wow! She is good at singing! I knock at her door."Comme in''.Summer said. I step into her room. I see her in a nice pair of high heels and a nice purple sparkly dress that goes to her knees."Why are you wearing that?". I asked."Well I just wanted to try on some stuff you got me!". She said."Cool! Well do you want to watch a movie with me and the guys?". I asked."Well what about Anika?"."She is going to hang out with Harry at the parc". I say."Well I guess we can watch one movie.".Summer said. "So it's just me,you,Liam,Zayn,and Louis?". She said. I noded my head yes. I let Zayn choose the movie. He picked the Notebook."Harry would of loved to watch that movie!". Liam said. We got some popcorn and some rootbear. We all sat down and strated to watch the movie.   


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