Love Forever

This s a story about a girl and her friend best friend/cousin named Summer and Anika. They were super big fans of one direction! They've always wanted to go to their concerts and hangout with all five of the hotties. If their dreams come true, will Harry fall inlove wth Anika and will Niall fall inlove wth Summer?

Read to find out!


9. Being loved

~Summer's P.O.V~

The next morning, I got out of my bed and went in the kitchen to get some breakfest. I saw Niall sitting alone at the table eating a bowl of cereal. I decided to eat the same thing as him. I walk to the table and sat across from him."Were is everybody?". I asked."They all went to the studio". Niall said."And not you!". I said suprised. He didin't answer me."What's wrong Niall? You've been down since last night". I said. He still didin't answer me. I got annoyed that he didin't answer me so I walked to my room and started to listen to One Direction. I heard 3 knocks on my door."Comme in!". Niall walk in my room and sat on my bed. He started to sing along to the song."Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me. But bear this in mind it was ment to be. And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks. And it all makes sense to me"."Wow Niall! You sound better singing infront of someone instead of singing it on a cd or Ipod!". I said suprised. I saw him blush."Listen. The reason why I'm down is because I like someone. And I don't know how to talk to her!". He said. I was a wee bit jelouse of that girl he likes."Well....You can say.....Hi!".'You really don't know what to say!". Niall said.


~Niall's P.O.V~

I'm trying to give Summer a clue to show her that I like her.

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