Torn (a Niall Horan fanfiction) ~On Hold~

Veronica, Niall, and Demi's lives all come together even though theyy are completelyy different, well Veronica's from Niall's and Demi's, that is. Niall and Demi seem to be great together, but mayybe 'great' isn't good enough. While Veronica is onlyy trying to avenge the death of her father, her path somehow collides with that one of Niall's. Will she help him out with Demi, or just make things worse?? Read to find out!(:


3. How They First Met

"Mandy, did you get the wig?" Veronica asked while packing the rest of her stuff.

"Oh yeah I had forgotten to give them to you! Here I got you two." Amanda handed Veronica a straight blonde wig and another blonde but curly one. "You know for special occassions or if you simply just want to change it up a bit from time to time."

"thanks a whole lot! I really don't know what I would do without you!"

"You'd probably die!" Amanda joked.

"Haha yeah probably." Veronica thought of how much she would miss her bestfriend while she would be away fo god knew how long!

"I'm really going to miss you!"

"I'm really going to miss you too, Mandy." There was now a total silence in the room while both girls hugged, and thought of how different their lives would be without eachother, specially since they had never been far appart for too long.

"So when are you planning on leaving?" Amanda wondered, as she broke away from their hug.

"My plane ticket is for tomorrow at seven in the morning. Would you be able to possibly drop me off at the airport by any chance?"

"Of course! I'd love to, mostly because it's going to be the last time I see you in a while!"

"Yeah I know, but I'll try to call you as often as possible!" Veronica said trying to cheer Amanda and herself up a bit.

"True. And 'as often as possible' better mean 'every damn single day' ok?!"

"Haha alright whatever you please, my queen!" Veronica said messing around.

"Haha you dork, don't be silly!! ... I'm a princess not a queen!" Amanda said as they both started laughing really loud, mainly Veronica- she had an extremely rare and loud laugh that was really catchy and just made people want to laugh even harder.

"Sure whatever your majesty haha. Anyways, Amanda..."

"Wow I'm really going to miss that laugh haha, but what?"

"Say, would you by any chance be hungry and want to go out to eat?"

"Sure thing! It's on me!"

"Well, then shall we go, Your highness?"

"We shall."


"Whoah what a long day today!" Harry said as he sat on the couch at their current hotel.

"Agreed. But it feels great being in the studio too, it just gets really exhausting after being there all day." Zayn concured.

"Yeah same here. Plus, I'm starving!!" Niall also agreed.

"Haha me too actually!" Louis added.

"So Niall, tomorrow is the big day!" Liam reminded Niall of his date with Demi.

"Yep I've got everything planned out!" Niall responded, then took a bite out of a sandwich.

"That's great to hear, Niall! But now if you guys will excuse me, I'm off too sleep." With that said, Zayn collapsed on his bed.

"Yeah me too, we've got the flight at seven in the morning to go back home." Harry reminde the guys once more, and after about five minutes, they all knocked out.

The next morning, they woke up a bit too late.

"Hurry up guys or we'll miss our flight!" Liam let the rest of the guys know they were short on time.

"Don't worry we're ready!" Niall calmed Liam down a bit, then grabbed a couple cookies on the way out.



Niall's P.O.V.

Wow! Liam was hurrying us up so much that I forgot to have breakfast! I just grabbed some cookies on my way out, but oviously that's no enough. But I understand why he was rushing us so much, time was NOT on our side. We almost had to run to the plane! On our way to our seats though, I ran into this really pretty girl.

"Oh god I'm so sorry, I was in a hurry and didn't watch where I was going! I really am sorry though!" I appologized, but carefully examined her.

"Um don't worry it's fine, really." She replied then walked away.

"Whoah!" I didn't realize I had said out loud.

"What?" Louis asked.

"Oh, umm, nothing, she was just, beautiful..." I responded.

"Yeah I gotta say, she was super cute!" Harry added.

"Well whatever, let's get to our seats now." Liam said, snapping me out of my gaze.

"Right." I agreed and then we took our seats and the airplane took off.



Veronica's P.O.V.


I woke up early in the morning to make sure I had plenty of time to have a great breakfast, and make it to the airport in time. I got there ten minutes before my flight so I had time to take my seat and put my bags and suit cas away. It was almost time before the plane took off so I got up to quickly use the rest room, but when I did, I bumped into a really cute guy.

"Oh god I'm so sorry, I was in a hurry and didn't watch where I was going! I really am sorry though!" He appologized.

"Um don't worry it's fine, really." I hurried towards the restroom. But I couldn't help admire his beautiful blue eyes. I kept on thinking about him through the flight, but then realized I should just focus on what was really important, justice.

I had fallen asleep during the flight, but woke up just when we were about to land. Then, after a short amount of time we got there. I was finally in London.

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