Torn (a Niall Horan fanfiction) ~On Hold~

Veronica, Niall, and Demi's lives all come together even though theyy are completelyy different, well Veronica's from Niall's and Demi's, that is. Niall and Demi seem to be great together, but mayybe 'great' isn't good enough. While Veronica is onlyy trying to avenge the death of her father, her path somehow collides with that one of Niall's. Will she help him out with Demi, or just make things worse?? Read to find out!(:


11. First Day Of Work

Today was Veronica's first day to work with James Turner. She hated the idea of being at his service all day, but she knew she had to do it. She quickly showered, changed into her 'Markus' look, and headed out the door.

Realizing she hadn't had any breakfast, Veronica decided to stop at McDonalds. And of course, both being in a hurry, she and Niall bumped into eachother - for the millionth time. Lucky for Niall, he had only received a little bump. But Markus (Veronica) lost his balance and fell to the floor.

"Sorry, mate!" Niall quickly appologized, pulling Markus up. Markus cleared his (her) voice, then spoke.

"Its alright, it was my fault." They both then walked up to the line and Niall ordered first. He ordered number one, which was a big mac with soda and fries. Then, it was Markus' turn to order. He (she) simply ordered an ice tea.

After recieving an ice tea, Markus started to walk out the door, but then Niall caught up to him (her).

"Sorry again for bumping into you, I was distracted." Niall said.

"Don't worry, it was my fault as well. And I'd like to stay and chat, but I have to go, or I'll be late if I don't start walking to my job already."

"You have to walk? Well, if you'd like, I can give you a ride." Niall offered.

"Oh, that's not necessary." Markus answered.

"Its just a ride, so you won't be late." Niall insisted.

Veronica thought about it very carefully, then responded, "Fine."

On the way to his new job, Markus and Niall chatted a bit, then an idea occurred to Veronica. "Of course! Why didn't I think of that before!" She accidentally shouted.

"What?" Niall asked, confused.

"Oh umm nothing, I was thinking out loud." Markus spoke, clearing his throat.

"Oh okay, is this the place?" Niall asked, parking infront of the huge mansion.

"Yep, this is it. Thanks man, I owe you!" Markus replied as he got off the car.

"No problem, bye," Niall responded.

"Bye." Markus replied, as Niall drove away.

Markus checked his phone for the time as he walked up to the mansion. 'Perfect, I'm early. This should give that bastard a good impression of me.' He said to himself.

"Hey, can you tell Mr. Turner I'm here?" He asked to one of his employees who was outside the mansion.

"Are you the new guy?" He questioned.

"Yes." Markus confirmed. The guy then called Mr. Turner to inform him and the guy opened the door and let Markus in. Then, another guy came and took Markus to Mr. Turner.

"Hello Mr. Turner." He greeted.

"Hello. Now, I hope you are serious about this job because this isn't a game. I expect loyaly, because everything I'll ever ask you to do will be confidential, you understand?" He asked.

"Yes sir." Markus replied.

"And another thing you should know before you start is that none of these things are exactly 'legal' so I need you to be very careful." Mr. Turner informed.

"I know." He responded.

"You know?" The man asked suspiciously.

"Yes, well no, I mean I kind of figured it out." Markus responded, nervously.

"Did you now. . . Okay, well there isn't much to do for now, but if I need you, I'll contact you. You can go home." He said.

"Okay, thank you sir." Markus replied, then walked out and headed home. 'Damn it! I screwed up, I just hope he doesn't suspect anything.' He thought to himself.

~Back With Mr. Turner~

"Nick!" Mr, Turner called one of his men.

"Yes sir?"

"Follow that guy, there's something I don't like about him, something suspicious. Follow him and if you see anything strange, notify me."

"Yes sir." he replied, and headed after Markus.

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