Torn (a Niall Horan fanfiction) ~On Hold~

Veronica, Niall, and Demi's lives all come together even though theyy are completelyy different, well Veronica's from Niall's and Demi's, that is. Niall and Demi seem to be great together, but mayybe 'great' isn't good enough. While Veronica is onlyy trying to avenge the death of her father, her path somehow collides with that one of Niall's. Will she help him out with Demi, or just make things worse?? Read to find out!(:


1. Their Lives

"Veronica, are you sure you want to do this?" Amanda asked in a worried tone as she saw her bestfriend give herself a not so fashionable haircut.

"Look Mandy, this isn't a choice OK? You and I both know that James Turner is the man that murdered my father, and it is up to me to make justice."

"No, you know exactly that what you are looking for isn't justice, but instead revenge!"

"OK" Veronica admitted, "so what? Don't me and my father deserve revenge? Don't you think that someone should make that man pay for what he has done?"

"Well yeah but this isn't the way to make him pay, thats what police are for!"

"Police?! They have been on this case for over a month and the only thing they have accomplished so far is to send James to jail for a night! That man has enough money to bribe anyone he pleases!"

"Yes you're right, thats exactly why its too dangerous for you to get so close to him!"

"I know! but don't worry, I'll be very careful and he won't even know its me, I promise." Veronica finished, finally calming down a bit.

"Oh God Veronica! Why are you so stubborn?!"

"I'm NOT! I just want to do what's right. Now stop arguing with me and come help me with this!"

"Ugh.. no offence but you look horrible. If you weren't wearing any make up, I wouldn't even know that you're a girl!"

"Good. That's exactly what I want."

"OK if you're going to pretend to be a guy, shouldn't you at least continue having a normal life whenever you're nowhere near that man?"

"Umm yeah I guess..? Well I mean I don't know I hadn't really put much thought into that now that you mention it." Veronica replied, thinking deeply about what her friend had just said.

"Hmm well I guess I could get you a wig or two from my mom's beauty salon if you'd like..?"

"Yes please I'd really appreciate it. And don't worry, one will do just fine."

"OK it'll be no problem at all, once I tell my mom it's for you she'll be happy to give it to you, you know she loves you like a daughter!" Amanda responded with a smile.

"Yeah I know, and I love her like a mother too. You guys are the closest I have to a family since my family died in that terrible accident, and now my grandpa was murdered by that vicious man!" Veronica's eyes flooded in tears at the thought of these terrible memories.

"I know and you don't know how sorry I am that all this happened to you" Amanda consoled Veronica with a hug, "I know it's been really hard for you, but you know that me and my family will always be there for you, no matter what, OK? And plus, me and you are like sisters, we always have been, and we always will be."

"Thank you. Thank you so much for everything. I really don't know what I would do without you!"


"Hey Niall, look what me and the lads found!" Louis ran into the room shouting as loud as he could.

"What's that?" Niall pointed at what Louis was holding in his right hand.

"Uh a magazine, duh!"

"Yeah I know that, but what's so important about it that you had to burst in here like that?!"

"Oh right, well look who's on the front page! Yeah that's right, your girlfriend, Demi!!" Louis screamed even louder than before.

"Lou, I already told you this a million times before, SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!"

"Well yeah but that's only because YOU HAVEN'T MADE YOUR MOVE ON HER YET! Look Niall I know you feel lucky and all, but that doesn't mean that she's just going to ask you out! I mean yeah, sure, I know that happens to me 24/7 with ladies all over the world, but that's just me. And don't blame yourself, it's not your fault that you're not half as handsome as I am.."

Niall rolled his eyes, "OK sure whatever, I'll make sure to mention that to Eleanor next time I see her!"

"What? NO! I was just kidding Nialler, you know you're the most handsome guy on this planet! And plus, you're Irish and have beautiful eyes! The ladies dig that you know" Louis spoke as fast as he possibly could.

"Haha yeah that's what I thought! Well anyways, I'm starving and unless you're going to feed me, get outta here you goofball!" Niall joked as he made his way to the refrigerator.

"Well if you want, I could take you to Nando's instead!"

"Really man? Thanks I love you!"

"Doesn't everyone?!"

"Uhm sure..?"

"Well whatever go get the guys so we can all go eat together!"

"OK! I'll go get them right away!!!" Niall replied super excited.

"Umm OK but calm down a bit would yah? I mean after all we're just going to go eat!"

"JUST going to go eat?! Is it JUST music we create?! Is it JUST life we live?! Is it JUST oxygen we breathe?! Huh?! Is it?!"

"OK you really need to chill now, we should probably get to Nando's ASAP!!"


"Hahaha you guys should've seen him! He was going all crazy about it being JUST food!" Louis told the rest of the guys whilst all five of them were having lunch at Nando's.

"Hahaha well you can't blame me, I was starving!!" Niall protested.

"Hahaha I can totally imagine that!!" Liam said with a laugh.

"Hahaha yeah me too!" Zayn added, laughing as well.

"Aha well I think we all can! Haha but anyways, changing the topic, did you show him the magazine?" Harry asked curiously.

"Yess I did actually.." Louis started, but then Niall interrupted, "Yeah he did, and I know you guys keep telling me to make a move on Demi, but it's not that easy you know!"

"Well maybe it would be if you at least took her out on a date!" Zayn replied.

"Yeah that's true!" the others agreed.

"Hmm I guess you guys are right.." Niall finally agreed.

"Duh, Niall! When have I ever been wrong?!" Louis yelled.

"Lou, please lower your voice before we get kicked out of here!" Liam told him.

"Oh yeah! Well I'd like to see them try!!" He raised his voice even more.

"Sir we ask you to please stop screaming, we are getting complains from other custumers" a waitress kindly came up to Louis.

"Complains?! Do you people even know who I am?!" Louis yelled even louder.

"Sir please!" the waitress said losing her patience.

"Louis please be quiet!" Zayn whispered to him.

"You know what, I think it'll be better if we leave" Liam anounced.

"Yes I think so too" the waitress quickly agreed.


"I cannot believe you made such a scene!" Liam lectured Louis.

"Haha well actually I thought it was kind of funny.." Niall interrupted.

"Yeah I thought so too haha!" Harry added.

"See Liam, I have fans who actually enjoyed my show! Not like you who just started yelling at me in mid-public!" Louis dramatically snapped at Liam whilst pretending to Cry on Harry's shoulder.

"Well I did enjoy the show too, but I think it might have been a bit too much" Zayn added.

"Why don't you two just tell me you hate me? Might as well!" Louis pretended to cry even harder.

"Well I'm kinda tired after all that, so I think imma go to sleep now!" Niall anounced.

"Yeah me too" Zayn added.

"OK well Niall just don't forget to dream about Demi!" Louis yelled, and the rest teased him.

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