☆Forever Young☆ ☠Zayn Malik Fan-Fic☠

★Jess loves Riley with all her heart.. But the only thing setting her back is the fact that they don't talk at all, that includes online and socially.♥Zayn, Jess's old friend has had a crush on Jess ever since they were young, but will Jess ever get the ever so obvious hint?♥Will Jess die before she finds happiness♥Will Zayn and Riley stay close♥Could Jess possibly lose anyone on the way★-- Enjoy :P


9. You appear just like a dream.. :)


**Enjoy the new update :) (: I have been working on both of the latest updates. And now I am working on the .. LATE LATEST update. So practically the next update. I'm really sorry I haven't updated in so long :( I have just been grounded, meaning no access to my laptop. Oh it was PURE TORTURE. Please Bare With Me :) (:



**You Appear Just Like A Dream** :)


'Zayn let me out. Zayn we're too young....ZAYN!' Why did I think he was just joking. Wait, I'm talking about Zayn Here. I blame myself for this. I take full responsibility. I shouldn't have let him convince me that this would be fun! I mean, this is nothing but fun. I hate it so much.

'Zayn listen just STOP. Zayn please!...' A croak interrupts my voice. Before I notice anything my eyes start welling up with tears. I sob loudly. The tears stream down my face, and I don't attempt to stop them, because what ever is happening now, is just.... Not right. Please god I don't wanna die at this age.. Please.. I have been working on my grades a lot, how can you not be happy for me. I have done so so much. Oh dear god.

'Hey Everyone, we will be playing the latest hit from Ke$ha Die Young.' The radio host says his good byes, before the song plays. The song blasts through the speakers. Oh well this is comforting. I stare blankly out the window, my cheeks dripping of tears. How could I ever trust him. How did I get here though, I should be at school. OH NO! My assignment is due today and it depends on three quarters of my grades. And my attendance wont be perfect any more. And, my 

'Zayn stop the care NOW!' Another sob leaves me. I glare up at Zayn who is intently staring at the road ahead of us. We are in fact in the middle of... Hmm... Who.Knows.Where! I see his lips purse into a small smile.

'I wouln't stare at me if I were you babe. And please shush.' He puts his finger on my lips which are dripping of tears. His thumb brushes away one of the tears that was falling down my cheek.

'Zayn Stop, please.. For me..' My voice is weak and  croaky but I still manage the words.  I swear if he keeps going, I don't think I could last this longer. I think I might vomit.

I see zayn pull something on the side of him. Is that his.... NO. PLEASE NO!

-Lets make most of the night... We're gonna die young! We're gonna die young! Lets make most of the night.- 

His seatbelt unbuckled and his grin soon turned into laughter. What is he doing. Shut up Jess, you freaking know what he is doing.

'Don't do it Zayn! Please DON'T. Zayn LISTEN to me!. Stop the car  NOW.' This can't be it. I can't just die. Why us, Zayn and I. Why us.?

I quickly look ahead of me and see the hill come to a end. The car going at full speed. A fourteen year old driving. This is it. No goodbye or anything. This is it.

'Too late babe, you didn't shut up. I warned you baby.' He laughed through his words as his hands came off the steering wheel. He yawns. And continues to laugh.

--We're gonna die young...-- The music continue to blast through the speaks as the car crashed against the metal railing off the hill.

The glass shatters and I'm falling, and falling, and falling.. No noise escapes me but I keep falling, and falling. I can't see the ground but I keep falling, and falling and falling. I can see the blood gushing from my body, and when I look down I see the ground. And I keep falling. I want to die, now.   This is really happening to me. I'm fourteen, and already dead. The ground is meters from me now. I'm stiff and no emotions are inside of me. I am just Jessica Carls. The girl who is about to die. I look to my side to see Zayn.

'Jess... Jess... please... forgive me.....' Zayns lips purse together as I brace myself to die. Goodbye everyone I love. I love you so much. I'm so sorry I couldn't live long enough to show you that I am worth living. I mean, I fell in love and now I am paying for it. 

The next thing I know.. Everything is black, I hear nothing just peace. I guess this is what its like to be dead. It's so peaceful. I could get used to this. I mean it's the only peace I have had.. Ever. And I love it. Good-bye suckers!

'Jess.. are you there...' A distanced voice was becoming clearer. But I can't see anything. My head throbs, but it's not bleeding, or scrapped. 

I try to speak, my voice is clear and as beautiful as it was before. I guess when your dead you get all better in an instant. Sweet!  I could work with this. I'm immoral baby!

'Zayn is that you? Where am I?' The boldness in my voice projects through wherever I am. I feel confined, but normal. Perhaps I am forever surrounded in darkness. Maybe that's what heaven is like. 

'Jess... You.. You are....' His words, are holding back something. It sounded timid. Maybe it's not Zayn I mean, he probably went to hell! For all I care, I hope he is gone forever. From Heaven, and Hell, and the whole world. I mean trying to kill me... Well killing me! I did nothing. A shot of sadness hits me. I. Jessica Carls Died. With my.. Soon to be boyfriend. Who went loco, moto.

A wave of anger gushes through my body and I feel the heat rush to my cheeks. I hate Zayn for killing me. I didn't get to  even say bye, to my friends, and family, and haters and I didn't even say bye to Zayn.


I see the light, it's getting clearer and clearer.. And Zayn's husky  voice is more clear then ever.. I feel confined, and weird. And my eyes struggle to open. I don't ever think they will open again. Maybe that's what happens once your dead. Dead like me. 





'Under Your Bed Covers...'  My eyes feel heavy but they flutter open. I throw of the blankets and hit his arm. He bursts out laughing, clutching his belly for support. I can't believe it. It was just a dream. I hate him so much. Wait a second. He. Has. His. Top. Off.  Oh my god, I am in paradise. I will get him back. But right now I have to watch this. Sexy Beast



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