☆Forever Young☆ ☠Zayn Malik Fan-Fic☠

★Jess loves Riley with all her heart.. But the only thing setting her back is the fact that they don't talk at all, that includes online and socially.♥Zayn, Jess's old friend has had a crush on Jess ever since they were young, but will Jess ever get the ever so obvious hint?♥Will Jess die before she finds happiness♥Will Zayn and Riley stay close♥Could Jess possibly lose anyone on the way★-- Enjoy :P


7. Timeless <3


Chloes POV.

I ran into the hospital not knowing what I was to expect, I heard that Jess died, but the nurses are trying to save her. Jess has been an amazing friend, and we have lived near each other for a year now. Actually we used to be enemys, we always fought over out best friend Phoebe. Of course as we got to know each other we instantly became really close. To hear she died shocked me and I was hardly breathing properly. I don't know who I will see in the waiting room but I hope no-one talks to me, I don't think I could handle it. Cailin messaged me, at first I didn't believe her, Jess was fine when I saw her a few days ago. I enter the waiting room and look at the ground. My mum went back to the car and told me she would pick me up when I messaged her. I take a quick glance up and see all my best friends. Cailin, Shauna, Dylan, Tahlia, Phoebe, Jaclyn and a few more I didn't get to see in the corners of my eyes. My eyes begin to prick of water and I saw that everyones eyes were red and puffy. They all looked so weak. I look to the room Jess was in and see someone. Brown hair, the most cutest face. Shit, it was Zayn! Why is he here? He wasn't Jess's friend. Only when they were young. Before he got Bryony. Ugh, I can't stop looking at him. I used to love him so much until I found someone called Reece. He and I had been friends since we were young and we were always in the same class! We dated once, but it didn't go on plan. I wish I could do it all over again!  But Zayn.. Why is he here? I end up running towards the door trying to look casual..

'Hey Zayn..' I looked at him and he has been crying. I can't take this anymore. I begin to cry my head off. The tears kept streaming down my face and they wouldn't stop. Did she really die.. I stare at her face.. Something seems off?!

Phoebes POV

What is going on. I don't know but I am crying because all I know is that Jess died. Something that was bothering me though was that Zayn was here. Everyone told us that Zayn and I should date. I mean he is okay, and he is really funny but just because he and I are both a LITTLE bit smaller then everyone else. I see Chloe run into the room where Jess must be. I stare at the roof and take in all that has happend. Jess died. Zayn is in this room for some reason. Chloe is trying to hold up. Whaa? What the hell!? I stand up hearing the nurses rush to Jess's room and usher the others out and they close the blinds. I see Zayn look around his eyes really red and puffy from crying --- I suppose everyones are but he looks surprised and startled. What happend?

'W..what..t ha..happen..d' I stutter but I finally got the words out.. I wait for an answer until someone finally speaks up..

Zayns POV.

I look at Jess and she doesn't look right. She doesn't look dead. I see her head move.. What the hell. I look up at chloe and she looks as confused as I do. She must've just got here because I didn't see her before. Suddenly a heap of nurses come in and usher us out and close the curtains. Huh? Suddenly I hear Phoebe speak up. She sounds a little bit shocked. Well.. Actually very shocked. I need to answer her and all I can say is..

'She...she is still.. a..a.live..' I don't know if she is but it looked like it. Everyone turns to me with their mouths wide open. Their eyes are all bloodshot uhh.. I shouldn't have said that. Everyone beguns to cry again but not as bad as before.

I don't fully understand whats going on, but I know something is up and I don't know what..

Rileys POV.

I over heard that Jess died. Probably a lie... That was until I saw Zayn's Profile page. The description..: At the hosptial with Jess--RIP babe <3 --With Chloe Cottrell, Phoebe Taylor, Jaclyn Forder, Cailin O'malley and Shauna Blakez. Shit, omg, what just happend. My heart skipped a beat. Jess is dead and Zayn was with her when she died. Crap, he does like her! 'Babe' really. Jess is mine.. Well was... All I can do now is wait at home since I don't have someone to drive to the hospital. I decide to get a bottle of water and sit down. My head is spinning and I don't know what is going on! As I take a sip of my water I begin to think was Rachael said.. 'Zayn has the hots for Jess' God she was right, and he wants her. Ever since I had a fight with her he has been telling me to go easy on her. And make sure shes alright. I need to talk to Zayn. Suddenly I feel a tear fall down face. I catch it in my hand and throw a glass that was next to me on the ground.

'I'm so sorry Jess!' I shout really loud. I hate this, I didn't even get to say good bye.. Now I am going to have to face the fact that Zayn, my best mate liked her. And got to say goodbye to her. It's on Zayn. Shit, is on.

Jaclyns POV.

I sink into my chair and wimper into my jumper hoping no-one will notice. I heard the news about Jess being alive, but I don't believe Zayn. Why would he care. He doesn't ever talk to Jess, he didn't even know her, I don't think he wanted to know her either. Wait a minute why is he here. Please tell me she wasn't dating Zayn. I take out my iPod and put on: Taylor Swift Safe and Sound. It made me remember all the good times I had with Jess, all the times we had so much fun, and now she is gone. Forever... I hear a really loud moan through my earphones, but I don't think it was the music, it was a out of tune moan. I look around everyone heard it too and was looking around confused. Finally Chloe and Phoebe open the door to find Jess sitting up talking to the nurse, her eyes still closed. 'JESS!' they both shout and everyone ran up to them.

'Guys??' She asks with a confused grin. Her eyes flutter open. Everyone hugs her... Then I see Zayn passionally kissing Jess. The hell is going on? And Jess is kissing back. I swear Jess is going to die. I never thought she liked him like ew.

Jess's POV.

I opened my eyes to see all my friends gathered around.. The nurse tried to explain to me what happened but I was too tired to understand. I hugged them all and noticed Zayn in the room. I felt hatred fall inside of me but then I realised her has been here with me this whole time. Another thing I noticed was their eyes were all red and puffy I don't understand. I take a glance at Zayn and he comes up to me. He begins to hug me, but then gradually moves his face to mine and we begin to kiss. It made me feel so happy and secure. I didn't think about anything bad, all I thought about was how  good this moment was, and how I wanted it to last. I pulled away and looked at everyone. They were all looking at me mouths dropped.. Zayn and I stand side by side and I have no idea of what to say. I just stand still looking confused myself. The nurse walks into the room casually and asks for me.

'Can I please take someone..' I ask looking at the white pale ground.

'Uh, sure darlin' we'd like ya for a minute please darlin'.' She says in the odd accent..

'Zayn.. Could you please come..?' I ask him still looking at the ground. It's awkward, I don't know whats in my head for bringing him. I'm mental, thats it.

'Sure Jess' He said following the nurse into a empty room.

We were told to wait for someone called Jenny. Apparently she was supposed to tell me what was going on. I soon hear a loud bang at the door.

I jump up startled. 'Hello' I said looking into her eyes. She had long dirty blonde hair with dark brown eyes. She wasn't attractive but she might have a chance with some boys..

'Hello there Jess.. And?' I could see Zayn chuckle behind me.

'Zayn, Zayn Pola. Nice to meet you.' Zayn smiled and shook her hand. He was such a gentleman.

'Now Jess we have found out that.. well you have a condition called...Aortic Stenosis.. We have called your mother as one of your friends gave us the number. Your mother told us about some symptoms you have been having lately...' I looking around the room for something to do instead of looking at Jenny.

'She mentioned Dizziness, Pain or discomfort, Rapid heart rate and pulse, Shortness of breath, Irregular heartbeat. And from what we saw today Fainting. Now we also have to apologise for today how well... you died.' She breathed in, and out again heavily.

'Crap. No I didn't?' What the hell is the talking about. Wait.. Is that why everyone was surprised and all had red puffy eyes. Shit.

'BUT! You didn't die.. We found out that the machine wasn't functioning right.. In other words it didn't work.. You were actually asleep but the faulty machine broke down during your sleep time.' Oh my god. This all makes sence. Well sorta..

'So you're telling me, EVERYONE thought she was DEAD! And it was all YOUR FAULT' Zayn practically screamed at the nurse. She looked at the ground and nodded.

'Fuck you' I heard him mutter under his breath. I took him out of the room knowing he has just cracked it.

'Zayn, it's okay!' I whisper to him. But I know my words aren't strong enough. 

'No it's not, they can't just make a mistake on someone, They just can't!' He spoke back to me.

'Zayn, really its okay, everyone is okay.. I'm okay..' I say whilst kissing him on the cheek. I know I have Riley, but Zayn helped me when I was struggling and now it's my turn. I looking at him and his cheeks were bright red. Awwwhh! He is blushing.

Soon he pecked me on my lips and we walked back to the waiting room where all my friends were. I didn't know what to say so I made Zayn explain. ---Once everyone calmed down and understood what had happened they all hugged me and said goodbye.. Besides Zayn.

Zayns POV.

I decided to take Jess home instead of her catching a taxi, it would have been safer anyways. But I also wanted just to talk to her, maybe get a bit more information about her.

'Where were you born?' I asked with a grin as my mum drove the car.

'Australia, but then I moved to England... Where I live now.' She answered with a smile. 'And you?' She asked me back.

'I was born in England, right here actually. In Bradford.' I replied to her. -- As we neared her house I pecked her on the lips as she grabbed her stuff. 'Thank you Miss Pola. Thank you Zayn' She smiled when she said my name. God she is just to beautiful, and I love her.

Finally when I got home I rushed to my room and grabbed my book. Not just any book. It was a writing book.. A song wrighting book. No-one knew I loved singing. I didn't like telling people because I knew that they would think I was gay. But I have over fifty songs I have written and casually sing. My mother wanted to enter me into a singing competition but I didn't ever want to go until I was at least seventeen. I begun to sing

'You're all I think about baby! I was so stupid for letting you go, but I yi yi, know your  still the one.' And suddenly fell asleep on my book.

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