☆Forever Young☆ ☠Zayn Malik Fan-Fic☠

★Jess loves Riley with all her heart.. But the only thing setting her back is the fact that they don't talk at all, that includes online and socially.♥Zayn, Jess's old friend has had a crush on Jess ever since they were young, but will Jess ever get the ever so obvious hint?♥Will Jess die before she finds happiness♥Will Zayn and Riley stay close♥Could Jess possibly lose anyone on the way★-- Enjoy :P


10. The Real Reality.


"That wasn't funny!" I screamed at Zayn. After Zayn woke me up this morning, and have me the biggest fright of my life. I sobbed all morning. And just now decided that I should come out and sit at the patio. You know, fresh air, as they say.

"Yeah Jess, it really was." He continued to laugh. I don't think I can take this anymore. This crap is what the friggin teachers put me up to. Now hell is an understatement. 

"I'm going." I annouce. Wiping my cheeks dry. 

"No you're not. You have to stay with me." He gave me a stern look. He eyed me. He could see that I was up to no good. No. He knows I am up to no good.

"No. I want sometime on my own. Away from" The pause made me think for a moment. "Away from you." My voice said hushed. The truth was. I needed Riley. Thats who I needed. But I couldn't just say to Zayn. "Hey Zayn, I still like Riley." Because that just wouldn't go well. At all.

"Too late. You and I are going to school now. Oh and did I tell you that me and you have the same classes together now?" Oh yeah, I forgot about school. Who wouldn't. Wait what? Did he just say that we have the same classes together now. Crapcrapcrapcrap. The only alone time I had. Now. is GONE. Vanished into thin air. Actually no, it's really thick, I am finding it hard to breathe. Maybe thats just my reaction.

"You had me there Pola, you really did. Ha-ha." I punched him on the arm playfully. Zayn. Has a weird sence of humour. 

"I wasn't joking. Carls." He states not looking away from me. "And if you didn't want to be with me. Why did you kiss me. Why did you treat me well for a while." I could hear the anger rising in his voice. Well, someone is mad.

"That. You, were a mistake. I don't know why I kissed you. I just want to pretend that never, ever happened. And I would expect you do too. Now if you don't mind. Tess and I are going to school together. Oh and if you wanted to come. Sure come along, but you wont be able to talk to me. Or acknowledge me.  Because I want it to feel as though. I am a peaceful person again. Carefree." My voice rises. " Oh and about us being in the same class. Just remember you are just another person in the room. Don't expect anything large." I spit at him.

Zayn just looks away. Staring at the other peoples houses. Nothing was said. We were left in a awkward silence. Which I haven't ever experienced with Zayn, ever. Until now. Maybe I was a little bit harsh on him. But I am older now. And Zayn and I haven't been friends in so long. And I actually had a great time when he didn't aknowledge me. 

"If thats how you want it Jess." He sighs before walking to the front door. The door slams shut and I am in complete shock. What just happened. I hope this wont be how it is when I reach school. Because right now, I know that Zayn still wants to beat the crap out of Riley. I just don't know why. Maybe I will find out.

"Jessica Carls. Someone is here for you!" I hear the low shout of my mother echo through the house. Should I tell Tess what happened? I mean I haven't became really good friends with her yet. But maybe I need to let my guard down a little.

"Coming!" I call back. Whilst grabbing my Ghanda bag of the table. 



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