☆Forever Young☆ ☠Zayn Malik Fan-Fic☠

★Jess loves Riley with all her heart.. But the only thing setting her back is the fact that they don't talk at all, that includes online and socially.♥Zayn, Jess's old friend has had a crush on Jess ever since they were young, but will Jess ever get the ever so obvious hint?♥Will Jess die before she finds happiness♥Will Zayn and Riley stay close♥Could Jess possibly lose anyone on the way★-- Enjoy :P


8. Take me home?


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'Come on Jessica Carls!' Huh, what is up her but. I wanted to sleep in but clearly that's not going to happen.

'Why the hell do I--' Noo! Shit no. We have freaking school. But that cannot be right, because yesterday was Friday, even I know that, and I am NOT retarded.

'Aha, nice one mum'. I laughed it off. Aha, she is soo funny. Well sometimes.. rarely. Ugh I wanna sleep again..

'Darl, I am not kidding. Now get yourself dressed you have ten minutes.' She snapped at me. I grab my iPhone 4 and checked the time.

'Shit' I said silently to myself. 'Why didn't you wake me up mum!' Ugh, I wish I could kill her. But I won't I am nice like that.

I picked out the best outfit for school. Some denim shorts and a belly top. It's also denim, the old ones they wore in the seventies. But it is so in fashion lately. As you can see I don't need to try and be girly anymore. It's kind of sunk in. I feel a vibrating in my hand. A message of course. From Zayn, and Riley? This could be interesting. Very interesting...

'Hurry up Jess, and have work to go to!' My mum shouted from across the room.

Like come on, you could of just woken me up earlier. I tug on my long boots and put my hair up in a messy bun and i'm just about ready. Uh huh. I'm good. Awwh, I don't get breakfast! Damn you school! As I rushed to mum, of course I asked her for money, its natural to me now.

'Muuuuuuum hurrrrrrrry. We don't have all day. Just get the MONEY.' Yeah, I shouted at my mum, who was trying to get me money.

'Take a chill pill Jess.' I hear my mum mutter.  As my mum FINALLY gives me the money I put it in my pocket and dash for the car. While my mum drives I get lost in a book I have been reading for a while titled 'Alice in Zombieland' The best book ever.

'Jess, we are at school now' My mum says shaking me. 'I know. See ya.' I say as I tighten my top. I wave off my mums car and start looking for my friends, I haven't spoken to them since I was at the hospital and I need to talk to them.


Oh great. The first person I see is the one I was hoping not to. Zayn.

'Jess, are you alright. I haven't heard from you since... Well the hospital incident.' He struggled.

'Oh, sorry... I have been tired..' I actually haven't I just couldnt be bothered getting out of my bed. You see how it is.

 'You got my message right.' Well he is snappy.

'No, I didn't get time to---' I was rudely interupted by um.. Shit its Riley.

'Jess?'   Oh come on how can my first day get worse.

'Riley. You're talking to me.' I say bluntly. 'Yes I am, and why the hell is Zayn here.?'

 'Ughh..' Uh oh, things aren't going to be pretty. 'I'm here to see how she is. Is that okay with you Riley.' Zayn snaps.

'Of course it's not okay! You're the one who has a baby crush on Jess, you're just jelous of us. Go back with your old girlfriend.' Why the fu..ruitloops did this happen right now.

'Riley, it's great to talk to you. Zayn, I'm fine thanks. Talk to you both later.'. I know I shouldn't compare, but I have to admit that Zayns waaaaay cuter when he is angry... But thats not the point.

'Re-phase that. Talk to you later Riley.' Riley looks at me with his eyes full of anger.

'I don't see why you like this piece of shit. He clearly doesn't like you.' I look behind me and Zayn stomps off before I can call after him.

'WHAT HAPPENED!' I screamed directly at Riley.

'He is a bastard, and if I see you with him again he will be lucky he is alive! Got it.'Riley raises his voice at me. Hell no..

'Shit Riley, you don't own me. I can be friends with who I like!' I shouted back, whatta day.

A few people were staring at me now. I take a peer around and notice everyone turning their head so I don't see that they were looking at me. 'I do own you Jess, and as long as I do you wont be near him!'

Now everyone was staring. 'BITE ME!' I shout as I turn and start to storm off. I see Rileys mouth open and then close. And then slams my locker shut. Thanks, forgot bout' that.

'JESS!' voices appear  from behind me, and they were very familier voices too. Only to be the only Phoebe, Jaclyn and Cailin. 'Suup guys!!' attemping to be so happy to see them. Of course I am glad to see them, but I'm not in the mood.

'Jess, why did Riley give us the death stare. It was like really creepy!' Jaclyn rushed out.

'Uhhhh...' 'Annnd where is Zayn? He said he would give me back my book. God damnit. It's been two freaking weeks! And his got my fave book.' Phoebe blurts out.

'And have you seen Kyle. I wanna hug him.. I haven't seen him since like FOREVER!' Cailin adds.

'Umm, well. I errrr... I don't know.' I totally sounded confident. Didn't I? wait and see I guess.

'Jess, whats up? Are you OKAY? Oh my god, did someone hurt you? Did you and Riley break up? Are you and Zayn dating? Did someone die?' They all hit me with these weird as questions. Wait, where is Chloe?

'Errrr guys where is Chloe?' I ask hoping not to sound so worried.

'Oh, you haven't heard?' They say in sync. Wha? What?! What the hell is going on, I haven't heard anything. 'Well, um she isn't well.. She got hit by a... Um.. Well, a truck.' Phoebe whispers looking at the ground. Okay this is a joke. Totally.

'No, guys really where is Chloe?' They are totally joking. 'WE'RE NOT JOKING JESS. Why would we joke about this!' No, no this can't be happening. The next thing I know happens is that everything goes blank. And I hear a scratching. But then everything goes silent. 


Zayn's POV.

'New instant message.' My phone speaks. I didn't know that.. Weird. What the hell. Ugh, my stupid Phone. Oh, it's from Cailin. This better be good. 

CailinRoxx- Zayn, Chloe is hurt she was in a accident. She was hit by a truck. Her mum was driving. Her mum is hurt, but not as bad as Chloe herself. Tonight I will be going to see her. Uh, I can't get though to Jess could you message her. Thankz x Cai.

Zayn Pola- Shit, I hope shes k. I'll mess her asap. Thx.

CailinRoxx- Okay Thankz.

-----Oh, no. Jess isn't gonna take this well. What should I tell her. Um. Alright I think I have something.

Zayn Pola-  Hey Jess, uh bad newz Chlo is in Hospital. She was in a accident wif a truck. Her mum was drivin. I hope they r k. Message me I needa no if ur k. Xx

I hope that was good enough. I will see Jess today anyway. I need to see if she is okay. This Friday is still happening I hope. And since today is a Wednesday it's in two days. -- I don't know why we start on a Wednesday. I think its a good idea, but thats just me...

'Muuuuum. I'm gonna skate to school. It's not to far. See ya.' I shout from across the other side of the house. Shes got good ears she'll have heard me.

'Love you darl' I hear a faint voice from behind the walls. What did I say eh. 'Kay. Bye.' I grab my skate board and shove my bag on my back. Thank god I don't have shit in it. Wait. I need to grab Phoebes book. Wait. I think it's in my bag. Whatever.


I see Jess at the end of the hall alone. Shes actually smiling. Well thats weird. . 'Jess, are you alright. I haven't heard from you since... Well the hospital incident.' I say struggling for breath. It's hard to talk to your crush. Yeah, I said it.

'Oh, sorry... I have been tired.' She started to Blush. Shes so beautiful when she blushes. Maybe she didn't get my message...

 'You got my message right.' I ask straight away, I check my phone for the time..

  'No, I didn't get time to---' Uh oh.

'Jess?' ....

'Riley. You're talking to me.' Jess says. I can't help but smile, shes so right, he is actually talking to her. This should be good. And realllllllly interesting. I'll just go get my popcorn.

 'Yes I am, and why the hell is Zayn here.?' Just had to bring me into this. Ughh.  'Ughh..' Jess says in a shakey voice.

 'I'm here to see how she is. Is that okay with you Riley.' I say looking as stern as I can. I was holding in a laugh that was threatening to blurt out.

. 'Of course it's not okay! You're the one who has a baby crush on Jess, you're just jelous of us. Go back with your old girlfriend.'  Oh hell to the no. I see Jess's cheeks flush red. And then she looks at Riley and she turns pale again.

'Riley, it's great to talk to you. Zayn, I'm fine thanks. Talk to you both later.'. Jess says turning to both of us. I can't help but notice her observing me and him both intently. It's kinda funny. I do the only thing I can. Walk off with anger inside of me.

God Riley bugs me. Why the hell was I ever even friends with him. Uh, I don't even know. I look back and see Jess shouting at Riley and see her turn her heel and stomp off in the opposite direction. The only words I heard were. Bite me. I see Riley open his mouth in protest but then it closes again quickly. He glances around and sees me staring. And gives me the death stare. I shrug it off and continue walking. The only think I can do really.

 Cailins POV.

What the hell. Jess can't just laugh about it. She knew, Zayn messaged her. She can be such a bitch sometimes. Tears start to stream down my face and soon I find myself in the bathroom wimpering. Hoping that Chloe will be better and all will be back to normal. I just couldnt sleep last night. I closed my eyes and I could see a better day. First Jess at the hospital now Chloe. Two of my best friends, fuck god hates my guts really bad. I hear the bathroom entrance open and I cuddle up into a ball on the toilet seat hoping they didn't notice me.

'Is someone there?' I hear a girly voice appear just outside of the cubeical. She must've heard me. God damnit.

'Ughh, maybe...' My voice crackles terribly as I say the words.

 'Are you alright?' I hear her irritating girly voice again.

'Uhmm N-no not at a.all.. I mean I- I am fine.. ' My voice crackles even more this time, I probably sound like a fool.

 'I'm coming in, so make sure your decent.' She does sound familier doesn't she. Meh. Wait did she just say.. SHIT.

'NO. DON'T YOU DARE. GIRL I SWEAR IF YOU COME IN ANDDDD-' I was too late. God this girl is one... um.. Hmm lets just say she is interesting.

Her long blonde-ish golden hair hung in wavey curls. Her face was natural considering she had makeup on. Her brown eyes made me stare. They were so bulge. And her clothing, oh my god. Her clothing. A beachy tank top with short shorts and long black boots. Totally a girly girl.

'Uh.. How the fu--' She cut me off before I could finish my.. Naughty word..

'Uh, lets just say a girl ALWAYS has her ways.' Her smile gently made it's way onto her face.

'Mhm, I can see that..' There was a lump forming in my throat now. 'So why are you in here, and why the hell are you crying. Your makeup is smudged. Ugh, let me help you while you explain.' She tidy's up my face, I do protest, she is putting hellz loads of makeup onto my face. But I have to say it looks really nice. I tell her the whole story. And to my surprise she listened intently, she didn't even question me.

Once I was cleaned up and I finished telling my depressing story she offered me a smile and helped out of the bathroom. 'Don't worry, I'm sure Jessica did not know. But I know she can be a little bitch sometimes. If shes your friend you will have time to forgive her, when the time is right of course.' This time I laugh.

'you thought she was  a bitch, no kidding. Thats what everyone says but she is really nice. Occasionly..' Soon my laughing stopped and I was left with a large grin on my face.

'Well, I suppose I will be seeing you around.. Ugh.. Whats your name.. She asks me observing my face.

'Oh, I'm Cailin.. And you are?' I ask silently giggling.

'Oh, aha, my name is Tess. Lots of people say I'm the next Jess, no lie. Why do you think I know alot about her.- And I am NOT  a stalker.'She hands me her phone. 'Put your number into my phone, and ill put mine in yours.'  I have a feeling Tess and I will become good friends, even though I don't really like girly girls much. I can deal with her.

Once we finished we gave each other a small wave and went our separate ways.


There goes my irritating phone once again. Blah Blah New message Blah blah. Okay I get the point I got a message. It's not rocket science. Oh, it's from Phoebe. Aha, knowing her it's probably about books or animals. Maybe even saving the planet. To my surprise this was actually quite serious. DUN DUN DUNNNN..

Phoebexo- Cailin, Jess fainted, shes okay, but considering your fall out I think she needs you asap.  xo- peace out.

How did Jess faint. She was fine today, besides the fact that was looked a little pale, but eh that happens to all of us. I don't know what to say. Okay. Hmm. Should I go see how she is?

CailinRoxx- Not making any promises but I might come c her. is she @ the nurse office?

Phoebexo- Yeah, shes there but she might have to go home soon so hurry. Peace OUT. -.-

CailinRoxx- FINE. FINE. FINE. Jeez, take a chill pill. Xo x u there? If not talk 2 u l8r xoxoxo

I grab all my stuff, like I am going home, but I am not I am going to the nurses office. Big deal huh. Yup, means me wasting time walking when I could be texting, or on my iPhone. You know, I feel a little generous today. Lucky for them I am nice :)

Rileys POV.

Zayn is such a baby. I hate him, I don't even know why I am friends with him. If he wants to drool over my girlfriend maybe he should be a dog. Not saying he isn't one. But I mean, who the hell would mess with me, they know I could take them out. I haven't ever physically fought with Zayn yet, but I know he did boxing. I'm not scared though, he wouldn't hurt a fly. Thinking of which I could take him out with a single punch. Whatever, if he likes Jess like he does then the only thing I can do is make his life hell. He should know not to mess with me, he may have more friends then me but I have stronger friends. Should I message Jess? Umm hmm, yeah I should.

'Riley! Jess fainted shes in the nurses room.' Wait, did Phoebe  just say what I think she just said.

'What?' What is going on, this Phoebe kid is going to be in hell soon, I can assure you.

'Jess. Is. In. The. Nurse. Room. She. Fainted.' I am not a child. Oh the hell she puts me through.

'I got that when you said it the first time.' I mumbled gritting my teeth together.

'Yeah, yeah okay whatever. Just wanted to let you know. Even though you don't talk to her and blah blah.' She blabbed on, and on, and on.

'DON'T you DARE bring this up. Now get out of my sight before I physically murder you. Got it. Good.' I said shouting at her harshly.

'Fine, fine.' She obeys me like shes my little puppy. So Jess in the the nurses office. Okay, so I'm the last to know. Thanks alot guys. I open my locker and shove all my belongings in it, besides my phone. Well I guess i'm going to make my way to the nurse office. Not.

'Rilez' a familier voice shouts from behind me. 'Sup Drake.. I thought you'd be with Chloe...' My voice is muffled and really shakey. What the hell this isn't me at all. I bring back my cool.

'Nah bro shes gonna be fine, the doctors said shes lucky to escape with a broken arm or leg.' Kay, I don't wanna know all the details but whatever.

'K.' Then it hits me, payback is a bitch man. Whilst grtting my teeth I manage 'Don't talk to Zayn.' He stares at me for a moment before looking at his phone.

'Why.' He says in a tone that means he doesn't want a responce.

'Fuck, you know why. I hate Zayn.' He once again stared at me longer this time.

'Whatever.' He looks behind me and his eyes nearly pop out of their place.

'Sup guys.' What the fu- 'Zayn.. Why the fuck are you here.' I get my fists ready knowing this isn't going to be pretty.

'I wanna have a friendly get together.' He says with the most boredest face. God I hate this kid.

'Yeah, not gonna happen.' I give him the death stare.

'Dude, this is my locker.' Oh shit, I was at his locker. This is freaking awkward.

'No really' I say trying to sound sarcastic. Drake is standing awkwardly beside me, he has been looking at the exact same text he was half and hour ago.

'See you later.' Zayn pushes. He clearly wants Drake and I to go.

'Later is just to soon.' I say before casually walking out of the situation. There was contents of anger inside of me that I just wanted to let out.


Jess's POV.

Once again everyone surrounded around me, the awkward glances I get from everyone. I hear the door burst open and my ears strain. Then everything goes blank.. again. I can hear everyone talking, some people are shouting. I don't know fully whats going on. All I know if in fact I am not in a hospital. SCORE! Someone starts squeezing my left hand, actually no, I mean killing my hand*. I hear a males voice next to me, the one who is killing my hand. His essence didn't feel wrong, but it didn't feel right either. But it somehow made me feel safe, don't ask me. I know I am safe but I have a feeling that it wont be for long.

'Jess, you're in the nurses office.' I hear the male mumble.

'No shit sherlock.' I say seriously. I am not a think head. I have a working brain, it's not rocket science. I hear him snicker. I don't see what is so simply funny. This little shit here doesn't know how much pain I could possibly be in.. Thats when I hear everyone in the room laugh. Oh HELL NO! Tell me I didn't that out loud. Aww shit. Thats a bit awkward..

I struggle to open my eyes, but I manage to because of my amazing strength. There stood.. Phoebe, Jaclyn(Who I love with all my heart), Mrs Carter ( Who I couldn't careless about) And. Oh fuck this. There was Zayn. Yeah, that same freaking Zayn who broke into my house, who asked me out on a date, who hates Riley, and who is now fucking holding my hand. I don't know what to do, there isn't much I can do really. I shake my hand trying to loosen his hold so I could get my hand out of his.

'It's okay Jess.' He says with a smile that would possibly blow me away if I wasn't in this position.

'Oh really, thats exactly why I am in the nurses office with all my friends by my side.

 'Not all your friends..' Phoebe corrects me. Oh I didn't realise god, where the hell are the others. I don't blame them, it's pretty hard to see me in pure pain  Nah, I'm just joking... Maybe.

'So, what happened?' The lingering question that just won't go away. I really couldnt careless if I was dying, but right now I have a stabbing pain in my heart, and I swear to god if I can't get medication for it, I will kill Phoebe. Yeah, PHOEBE. Innocent, beautiful Phoebe. Hehehe

'Guys.. If you don't answer me, I'll kill Phoebe.' Simple as that. Phoebes grin turns serious.

'Errm.  Mrs Carter whats wrong with her. I am NOT risking my life because of your stupid confidentuality. I Also believe she has a right to know what is going on. Do not make me call my mother.' She says seriously. Her mum was of course a cop. So it worked of Phoebes side.. Most of the time.

The nurse soon looked up from her papers and gave me a warm smile. NOT. She just stood there watching us all like she was a sickend puppy with beady eyes. One single movement and BAM she'll be like WHAAA. I slowly move my eyes to Zayn. I grit my teeth in pure anger as my face turns bright red, it feels as though my whole head is on fire.

'Jess, you can stop cheaking Zayn out.' I hear Jaclyns voice appear from the opposite side of me.

'I.. I was .. Not cheakin' him out!' Was I? Before I could even make up my mind, if I was or wasn't checkin out Zayn.. Well thats not the point.

Mrs Carter cleared her throat and eyed all of us observing something. 'Uh hmm. Zayn Pola. I appoint you in charge of Jessica Carls. Please come with me.' What, was she kidding. No this is not going to happen, my life is leading to a horror movie. 

'No! Thats not going to happen. I appoint Phoebe as my carer.' Actually why do I need a carer I am fine aren't I?

'Jessica, you will do as I say. Zayn is more careful. And so I appoint him, no buts. Ahh, and also I forgot to tell you. Zayn will be appointed to keep you company nearly everywhere.' She finished looking pleased with what she is doing with me. 

'You mean! I am stuck with HIM! For...' Wait, how long am I going to be stuck with him?

'Three months.' Mrs Carter buts in.

'WHAT NO. I am strictly not staying in his hands ever. And I mean it.' I spat at Mrs Carter. She can't do this to me.

'Zayn, could I please have you for a moment... I will tell you your dutys.' Oh so now he has dutys. This term is going to be life threatening.


'Mum, you have to tell Mrs Carter she can't do this to me. You just HAVE TO.' I am not ever this. I have the hatred for Zayn now. And, well. I don't even know why. I thought I could deal with being with Zayn for the rest of my life, but I mean, I am still kinda with Riley. And I kissed Zayn. And the worse thing is that Zayn was my first kiss. 

'Darling, I'm sure Mrs Carter means well.' Mums these days, they don't understand.

'Buuuuut mum.' I whine. I am not stopping till I win this battle.

'No buts. You will listen to your teacher from now on. And you will listen to Zayn. He Obviously knows whats going on' Ugh. 

'MUM. OH MUM. The pain I will go through. Do you NOT feel for me. I mean it's a GUY! You see how it is.' I fall to my knees and wimper.

'Jess just do your homework.' Mum says simply. 

'NO. I. WILL. NOT.' Now I am carrying the chain. And mum hates me when I do this.

'Jess don't make me cut your allowance.' Oh hell now. How dare she bring this into it. I stomp my foot and move to my room in annoyance.

This is going to be one long term. Zayn Pola, you my ever so hot and amazingly adorable man. You are in for Jessica Carls overload.



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