☆Forever Young☆ ☠Zayn Malik Fan-Fic☠

★Jess loves Riley with all her heart.. But the only thing setting her back is the fact that they don't talk at all, that includes online and socially.♥Zayn, Jess's old friend has had a crush on Jess ever since they were young, but will Jess ever get the ever so obvious hint?♥Will Jess die before she finds happiness♥Will Zayn and Riley stay close♥Could Jess possibly lose anyone on the way★-- Enjoy :P


5. Let us die young.. Let us live forever... ;(


Jess's POV

I decided to go on a morning walk, its 7:41 and I need to relax before hell hits tomorrow. I can't believe school has come this quick! Like, I thought it would be a nice holiday but it seems that everything is going wrong. In the first week of school we have graduation practice. And that means that I have to DANCE with Riley, since he is my Graduation partner. It took him like a month to say he wanted to go with me. Like REALLYI don't have all my life to waste just waiting... So I put on my short shorts with a tiger top, a really, really  nice top for jogging. And I applied some small amount of mascara and eye shadow. Then I stuck on some really pretty lip gloss. -- Its not too noticeable. Perfect, now for the shoes... YES! My black converse. They would totally go with this outfit. Errmm.. What about my hair. Ill wear it in a messy bun, as it so in fashion lately.-- I admit I need to look good where ever I go. Who knows.. maybe someone would see me, notice me and love me for who I am. I suppose with all this makeup and shit on you wouldn't see the real me, but who cares. My personality changes when I am with strangers. I grab my mobile to see that I have three unread messages. Great, please, please, please! Dont be Rachael.

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You have three unread messages, scroll down to read :)

Zayn: Hey, Rachael is in a grumpy mood, don't let her get you down. See you this friday :) xx

Ugh, he had to remind me, just take away the special moment. Uhh Why did I say yes to the date. I don't care anymore. It's not going to be a date, ill just make it a... Get together. Say.. we haven't seen each other in a while and there is not going to be ANY romance. Thank god I am the smart one.

Mum: Hey darl, I am going on a business trip and your father and I won't be home until next monday I love you, don't have any parties or get up to mischeif. xx Mummy xx

WOOO Home all to myself.... Why does everyones  mum have to write love letter though, like I am NOT five years old.  At least I can have all my friends over, that will NOT count as a party, thank god for that!

Okay, so I'll make a list of who I will invite.. Okay there is.. Cailin - Who is one of my besites, maybe she will be happy to catch up with me for once, we hardly ever have time because she has guitar lessons, shes really good... Considering she just begun. Hmm who else.. Oh! I know.. Jaclyn, Jaffles is an amazing person, she is always nice to EVERYONE and loves animals, and she ADORES her idol Taylor Swift. (A/N I don't like Taylor Swift very much, shes alright though. - One Direction are so much better :). )Uhmm... I should totally invite Phoebe, she is so amazing, so natural, so smart. Shes amazing, thats what she is.. She loves all her friends, and she is so funny. Maybe, I'll continue the list later, I'm getting hungry.

As I eat the last of my toast I just realise I need to read the last message. Hmm, thats weird its a private number, I haven't had a private number message or call for about a year, hmm I'll just see the message, maybe it's important?! Okay...

Riley <3 - hi thanks 4 tellin every1 at school wat happened.

Right now, I hate his guts. I mean doesn't he check his facebook. I only wrote a little of what happened in a private chat with.. Three people, I was upset so I can't remember who. And then it got quoted. I'm still going to kill Rachael. 

Jesssehhh: You don't understand. x

I TOTALLY FORGOT. My walk!  I throw the last of my toast in the bin, I am feeling really sick in the tummy, and I feel a but queasy. Suddenly my tummy turns into a knot and I am literally holding onto the kitchen bench for dear life. What the hell is going on. Maybe I should go to the doctors. I hold up my phone, not being able to see what the letters were. I just hoped for the best. Hmm... I try and type in...


Cailin: Okay, I'm coming ova RIGHT now! U kai tho?

Cailin's POV.

Uh! I'm going to have to walk, freaking hell! Why did I eat so much! I'm a fatty that's why.. Pitty that! Whatever, I grab my slip on walking shoes and hoodie.. Unfortunately I had to wear my stupid skanky short shorts.. Trust me, I AM NOT  a girly girl. I actually am a more so.. NORMAL person. But everyone thinks I am just weird. What ever, they are the ones that aren't them selves. Poor Jess... She is so beautiful but she doesn't see it. Nor does my other friend.. Chloe. She thinks she is worthless. Well let me tell you! She is gorgeous. When shes a little bit older shes going to be getting boys knock on her door. As I shove my hair into a sort of.. pony tail with hair everywhere style I begin to walk. I begin day dreaming, and thinking of things that I would hardly let out of my mouth... I love you Kyle.. Your amazing... Then I realize What the hell does Jess see in Riley, he is sooo worthless. They don't even speak! I think he is using her. She says he is amazing, they have their ups and downs. She also thinks he is.. SO HOT. Like I don't think he is.. But thats just me! I swear he likes Rachael though.. She is scum. I hate her.. Everyone does.. Besides the BOYS they don't see the real her. I finally wind up at Jess's. FINALLY! I rush to the door, oh my god I hope shes okay..

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