☆Forever Young☆ ☠Zayn Malik Fan-Fic☠

★Jess loves Riley with all her heart.. But the only thing setting her back is the fact that they don't talk at all, that includes online and socially.♥Zayn, Jess's old friend has had a crush on Jess ever since they were young, but will Jess ever get the ever so obvious hint?♥Will Jess die before she finds happiness♥Will Zayn and Riley stay close♥Could Jess possibly lose anyone on the way★-- Enjoy :P


3. Jessiiiiii, Zaynieeee ;D


**Hey guys just a really :( Quick one.  Buttt don't worry, I am writing waaaay longer ones soon. Reallllllllyyyyyy soon. So yeah... BUDDY. Okay so I will be putting out pictures of who are the characters. You'll have to tell me who you like best out of boys, and girls. :) Sorry again :)


Jess pov.


Oh. My. Fucking. God. Hell yeah, Zayn is the first person to talk to me since Riley. Woo, score! Actually, Zayn hasn't spoken to me, since... well when we were kids. The last time I saw him was last term, we both stared at each other for what felt like ages. I still remember his amazing tan skin, and his suductive brown eyes, they always looked at me so gently but it felt really meaningful. His hair always looking amazing, his hair reminded me of chocolate ice-cream. He is so perfect. I sighed knowing he has his other girlfriend.  And I will never have a chance, aha, and I have Riley. Hey, know whats funny. This is the first time I have actually thought about someone other then Riley.  



‘Zaynieee, come with me!’


‘Jessiiiiiiiii, I’m way too tired.’


‘HURRY. Your mommy will find us. Come on!’


‘Where we going?!’


‘Out da window. Duh! Hurry, I hear your mommy!’


‘Fine den! But we need our coats! Its freezing!’


‘Zaynieee LETS GO!’


‘Okay, don’t forget Santa will see us being bad, bad kids. We will get coal!’


‘Stop being a cry baby, LETS GO!’


 ‘Do I look okay?'


'Of course you do, you always do Zayniee.. Hey we're here! 






‘I love you Jess’


‘I love you too Zayn!’


**End of flashback**


‘Jess!’ I snap out of my flashback. My eyes ajust to the light, my legs are really sore, I must've een standing here for a while. ahah.


‘Huh? What, who are you?' I ask dazed, Shit what happens if it's a murderer. Fuck, I didn't close the door. Oh my god, 'I SWEAR TO GOD, DON'T HURT ME' I plead. Now I'm scared.


‘It’s me, err Zayn…’ Zayn. Aha good try it's not him. Aha.

As my eyes ajust I can see his amazing tan as the light shines on him. Sooo cute...


Wait a minute, how did he get in my house, and how the hell did he know where I live. This is one creepy stalker. 'Rightt, aha I knew that. Just testing you.' I said awkwardly.

'So what brings you here. Actually you're never here, so why are fuck are you here?' I say smiling like a nugget. (A/N I just had to.)


‘Well, I... I uh.. I was wondering if you’d like to go to uhh, lunch on Friday? I mean you don’t have…’


Omg, he is asking my out. Well not on a date or anything, just to like.. Lets say catchup. 'Uh sure! I mean, if you really wanna go with me..' Yeah lets just say people don't usually hang around me.

'And can I just ask out of pure interest. How the fuck did you get inside?..'


‘Well, I kind of opened the door, knowing your inside. I saw you from your window you looked dazed… I hope that is um, alright with you.' 


Oh my god its fine, whenever you like.


‘Err thanks.’ I heard Zayn Mumble.


‘Oh my god. Shit, did I say that out loud? I’m so sorry. I um, haven’t been so well.’ I fake a little cough.


‘I hope you get better by Friday…’ He laughed and I joined in.


I lost my balance, and don't ask me how. I ended up on Zayns chest with an oomphh. Oh this is just pure torture, oh god help me. -___-


‘Uh, I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean…’ 


Ahh. Oh. My. God. Again. We are kissing, in my room, with Zayn Pola. Oh my god. I don’t bother to pull away; I did say I really like him. The kissing went for about one minute. Then he pulled away. I sighed wanting him to kiss me more, I wanted more.


‘I have to go, um talk to you later.  Oh and thanks for not getting mad.’ He said with a small grin.


‘Haha, why would I be mad?’ I questioned. Why would I be mad?


‘Your kind of dating Riley still right?’


 Fuck this shit. I might have forgot. Oh my, I'm really sorry Riley. I feel really bad now. But, if I do say so his kiss is way better then Rileys.

Zayns pov.


Her lips were so sweet; the taste of lavender invaded my lips. When I pulled away I realised that Riley was still dating her and I would die if he knew. That is when I asked if she was mad. I should have realised beforehand. Now she would kill me. I know she wouldn’t hurt anyone, it’s just her personality. I loved the way her light blonde hair always seemed to light up in the sun, and her beautiful blue eyes would make people jealous so easy. She reminded me of the perfect girl, maybe she was the perfect girl for me. Someone I would dream of. Of course Jess was a girly girl, and she liked pink. But that doesn’t fuss me; she’s perfect no matter what. When I saw her blush, I found three things out. That I really liked Jess Carls, Riley was still dating her and she is the cutest girl ever. As I left her, I saw her jumping from her window. It was cute, but I didn't know she liked me I thought she hated me. She never, ever spoke to me, nor did she smile at me. I had liked her for years but all she did was ignore me and well I ignored her aswel knowing she didn't have an interest in me, but now I know she used to like me, and could still. Tough change there though. Stuff Riley, he doesnt care about her. He just wants to be recognised because he has/had a 'girlfriend' I always thought he liked Rachael, they always spoke to each other, like he and Jess had only last year before they moved grades.  Then everything changed. They never spoke online or at school much at all. I always saw Jess look at him in a daze. But Riley always turned away. I don't see why, she is beautiful. He is lucky to have her. Why the hell did he snap though? He is some work. -__-


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