Fight for Life

Number Nine.
He just looks like you or me, but in reality, he comes from the planet Lorien. An alien, one of the few sent to Earth to escape their planet's destruction. Hunted by his enemies, the Mogodorians, Nine--although he will never admit it--would give anything for a break from his immense responsibilities.
Rachel Vega.
Once belonging to a trio of best friends, Rachel's life turned completely upside down when both of her friends became werewolves. Now one, Olivia Marx, is dead, murdered by one of her pack members, and the other, Grace, is fighting meningitis, the disease which will cure her of being a werewolf-- but only if she survives it first. And worse-- Rachel is becoming sick, herself, with a mystery illness.
When Nine is somehow sent to the world of Mercy Falls, he has no clue why: until he discovers that he could help save Rachel and Grace. Only that. And then leave. But will he be able to? Or will a certain freckled face make him rethink?
For the Crossover Contest...


2. Rachel

It was hot. So, so hot.

I was trapped in a space with no way to get out. Colors around me shifted alarmingly, like I was on a boat. The boat which would carry me to my death.

"..." Sam's face appeared in a bubble and was swept away. "Sam," I croaked. "Sam." Not a sound came out of my mouth. I was deaf. Or maybe I was just dreaming. Or I hadn't opened my mouth at all.\

There was so much to be confused about, I was confused about confusion. I tried to think of myself, and came up with a blank. Who were my best friends? There was a girl named Grace, and Olivia. Definitely Oliva.

"Olivia," I cried out, sure she would come to my aid.

She appeared as a fairy, laughing and light. "I can't. I'm dead," she smiled. "Soon you'll be, too." She shifted into a wolf with wings, then a glimmering light made up of a thousand tiny sparkles. I cried for her to come back, but there was no answer.

Why was I like this? It was something to do with wolves. Grace had been bitten by wolves once... and then she became hot, like I was now. So hot, until the wolf was driven out of her.

That didn't make sense. Grace wasn't a wolf. Or was she? And what was Sam? Sam was a person. Like me. I'm a person, right? But who am I?

I didn't know where I was anymore. I didn't know who I was. All I wanted was a way out of this heat, and the pain. The searing pain. And the sheer loneliness. I was surrounded by ways of escape and people who could be with me, I knew it. But I couldn't find them.

And what was my name?

Rihanna? No, that was wrong. But it was an R name. And why would I have a name anyway? I'm just a spirit, floating, floating. I don't know where the past was, or why I am in the present. What should I be thinking in? Past, present or future?

Present. Something tugged at me. Present. Present.





I was close...


My name is

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