Fight for Life

Number Nine.
He just looks like you or me, but in reality, he comes from the planet Lorien. An alien, one of the few sent to Earth to escape their planet's destruction. Hunted by his enemies, the Mogodorians, Nine--although he will never admit it--would give anything for a break from his immense responsibilities.
Rachel Vega.
Once belonging to a trio of best friends, Rachel's life turned completely upside down when both of her friends became werewolves. Now one, Olivia Marx, is dead, murdered by one of her pack members, and the other, Grace, is fighting meningitis, the disease which will cure her of being a werewolf-- but only if she survives it first. And worse-- Rachel is becoming sick, herself, with a mystery illness.
When Nine is somehow sent to the world of Mercy Falls, he has no clue why: until he discovers that he could help save Rachel and Grace. Only that. And then leave. But will he be able to? Or will a certain freckled face make him rethink?
For the Crossover Contest...


4. Nine

"First things first." Sam shakes his hair out of his eyes, looking exactly like a dog when he does it. "Do you have healing powers?"

I think about the tingles I felt when Cole changed. "I think so," I confess. "I mean, I think I might have just developed them now."

Sam looks towards Cole. His yellow eyes begin to shine with hope, and he gives Cole a tiny nod. He turns back to me. "Sorry. That was rude. I'm not even telling you what I'd like you to help me with."

"Come." He leads me towards the staircase, then up the stairs. We walk up to the first floor. Sam leads me to a room, places his index finger to his lips, and enters the room.

Inside it is dark and quiet. I can make out the shape of two beds. When Sam closes the door, I become a little disoriented because of the darkness. Then Sam presses a torch into my hand and flicks on one of his own.

Two girls lie in the beds in front of us. They are obviously very, very ill. I walk to the girl whose bed Sam is standing in front of. She has dark blonde hair and fair skin, and is asleep but obviously still in pain. I hear Sam give an almost inaudible noise, and when I look at him, I see he's crying.

"Who's that?" I ask.

"Grace," Sam says. "My girlfriend. She... she was bitten by a wolf when she was younger, but never changed because she managed to... sort of kill the wolf. With intense heat. Long story, but anyway, just half a year ago or so, she shifted for the first time ever. The wolf had come back, so we had to inject her with meningitis-infected blood while she was a wolf. But... somehow, she's managed to kill the wolf, but she's still infected."

I gesture to the other bed. "Who's that?"

"Grace's best friend, Rachel. We don't know how she got the disease, but she's not as bad as Grace. Maybe you could try her first?"

I nod, and edge my way around the beds to where Rachel's head rests. Her hair is a vivid, wavy brown, almost red, and her face is coated with freckles. "She's beautiful," I mumur


"Nothing, nothing," I say hastily. I place my hands on Rachel's head--since I don't know if it would be appropriate for me to place them anywhere else-- and start to focus, like I've seen John and Marina do when they heal.

A tingly, icy feeling begins to spread through my hands. Sam gasps as icy-white light stars to seep from my hands into Rachel. From the outside, it doesn't look like anything is happening, but inside myself, I feel Rachel begin to heal. I'm about thirty seconds into the healing when she begins to stir.

Sam is beside himself with excitement. "It's working!" he whispers, his eyes shining brightly. The light from his torch reflects the tears in them and they glitter even more.

I'm getting tired now, though. It's been thirty more seconds and I'm about to collapse. Black spots enter my vision at one minute twenty. "Oh, God, please let this be over soon," I groan, just as I feel that Rachel has healed completely.

I stagger backwards as my aching legs give way. "I'll be up again soon," I manage to say. "Sam, I'll be fine..."

The darkness in front of my eyes begins to swirl into a whirlpool, and I allow myself to fall into it as it encloses me.

Just before I completely enter unconsciousness, I hear the rustle of the bedsheets as Rachel sits up, and a little "Oh...!"

And I think, I think she says "Thank you!" to me. Or is that just a dream?

And is that kiss we have later on a dream, too?

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