the 2 best friends

the story is about 2 friends (Ava and meg) who fall in love 2 one direction boys (Liam Payne and Zayn Malik) As they get to know each other Meg and Ava relies Liam and zayn are sweet unlike some popstars.


1. getting the tickets

There are these 2 best friends and their names are meg and ava. meg and ava are big one direction fans and  have known each  other since they were 5 and they are 19 now.the girls are rich and they both live in giant houses in LA and alway go shopping together and if they want something they get it. so one day the went shopping and there were one direction posters every where they went to look at the posters and it said there is going to be a one direction consert. Ava said lets go buy new outfits for the consert and went we finish we can get the tickets. 3 hours later they got home and ordered the ticket and of course they got V.I.P tickets. V.I.P tickets means that you get to meet one direction and you get to go early to have a little private consert. after 4 weeks the tickets came and they were so excited.

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