Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


10. Chapter 8

Yayyy I'm back and I wrote a few chapters while I was gone as well :D

So yeah. Enjoy!


Chapter 8:


Father. Impact. Accident. Killed. News. Auto. Dead. Gone.


Those 8 words kept replaying in my head, over and over, and over, and over…


Relax Ella. This is just a terrible dream.


Pinch me.


Pinch me.




I tried my best at pinching myself until I realized the truth was right in front of me.


Shit. This isn’t a dream.


Dad’s gone. For good.


He’s with mum.


I didn’t even get to see him!


Why can’t I just go too?


Why couldn’t I just have gone in the first place? I am in the hospital, aren’t I?


If only someone had just pulled the cord while I was on life support.


Nobody cares about me, right?


Ella! Stop thinking like that! Hayley and Charlotte care, right? And dad… Well he did care… And did the boys care? I have to get to know them better first before I make that desision.


“Ella, are you alright?” The nurse looked worried about me. Well, yeah, I’m definitely alright. I just found out my dad, my only living parent, was killed in an auto accident and I’m in the damned hospital with 5 guys who I don’t know at all. But, of course, I can’t go on rambling like this forever, so I said the only possible answer.


“I’m fine.”




“It’s awfully quiet in there…” Harry said, a worried expression on his face.


I clear my throat and reply. “I know, Hazza. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” I wondered if I was telling lies, I mean, I didn’t actually know what was going on, so maybe telling Harry might not have been the best thing to do in the situation. Oh, well. Nothing I can do about it now.


“Boys?” I hadn’t noticed that the nurse had come out while I was talking to Harry.


Automatically, the nurse was buzzed with questions like “Is Ella okay?” “What happened?” and “Why couldn’t we stay in there?”


“Boys, boys, calm down, let the woman speak!”  I felt impatient.


Instantly, the room went quiet and the woman began to talk.


“Her father was killed in an automobile accident.”


Shock exploded out of all our faces. By now, we already knew that her mum had died a few years ago..


“Where is she going to stay?” I asked.


“That’s the thing. I was thinking she could possibly stay with you?” Whoa, really? She barely knows us!


“I’d have to ask her first.”


“Alright. I also need the oldest and most responsible one of you to sign some papers, because she can go home, wherever that may be, tomorrow.”


“I WILL!!!” Lou, you have got to be joking, now’s not the time for this.


“No, Lou, since you just screamed inside of a hallway, I will.”


“Aww…” He made a fake sad face.


“Lou! You know I don’t fall for that! Maybe Harry does, but certainly not me.”


“Yes, Daddy Direction.”


“Are you two finished yet?” The nurse had been watching our whole conversation, oops.


“Yes, sorry. And I will go sign the papers.”



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