Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


9. Chapter 7

Hello! Its kind of short, but whatever... I just thought I should upload it before we leave to go on vacation (we literally leave in 7 minutes). So yeah. Enjoy!



Chapter 7:




“Guys look, she’s awake!” The first thing I hear when I wake up is the muffled sound of whispering. I decided to lay awake for a while, as I’m tired and I have nothing to do. I close my eyes, trying to ignore the sounds of the boys whom I have just met filling the room.


“Ella?” I hear a voice coming close to my ear, so I open my eyes to discover Niall’s face about two inches from mine.


“Niall, your breath stinks. Get off.” I turn my head around to try to avoid the stench but fail miserably. “What did you eat?”


“Roasted garlic chicken…”


“Ew, Nialler! Garlic makes your breath stink! Get away from me!” I make a big show of waving the air and plugging my nose while making squealing noises of disgust. The boys are laughing their heads off, except for Zayn, who isn’t here, I think he went back to his hotel to get some sleep but I’m not sure. I should probably find out some more about these boys, honestly I don’t know if I trust them.




I don’t know why, I just couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t even know why it was so funny, it just… was. I wished that these times could go on forever, happy, but of course good times don’t last forever. They sort of ended when a nurse in a bleached white gown walked in and the room fell into a tense silence.


“I need to speak with Ella McCleaver.” A brief pause. “Alone.” I looked over and the poor girl looked instantly terrified. I couldn’t blame her. There was something about the woman that made you back away when she looks at you. It was her eyes, I think, penetrating into your skull. I know this because she is staring at me at this very moment!


“The rest of you. Out in the hall please. I will speak with you later.” I suddenly realize this must be serious and I instantly am worried for Ella. I wonder what they have to talk about, gosh…



As soon as the boys stepped out, I was instantly terrified. Did the boys know why the lady was here? Judging from their reactions, I didn’t think so. Why is she so serious? I mean-


“Ella?” Now the lady is sitting on my bed. “My name is Dr. Bundell.”


“Hello, Dr. Bundell, um.. Good morning?” Unsure of the time of day, I guessed it was morning, but I was wrong.


“Its 2 pm. Therefore, it is the afternoon.” She said sternly. God, why was she so serious?


“Sorry, good afternoon, Dr. Bundell.” I said nervously.


“So Ella, I have some news to share with you.” Dr. Bundell said in a sympathetic tone. Uh, oh, this probably isn’t very good news…


“What news?”


“Your father…” Just get on with it… “He was in an auto accident.”


“What?” I was stunned…


“He was killed on impact.”


Ohhhhhhhh cliffhanger :D What will Ella think about this? Find out in the next chapter :) I will try to work on this while I'm on vacay, but of course I am there to have fun, and I probably won't have much time to write. I do have 3 hours in the car though, to and fro, but I have writers block so we'll see :)

Thanks for bearing with me ;)

Jilljill xoxox <3

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