Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


7. Chapter 6


CHAPTER 6: Note; Eleanor does not exist in this story. I don’t hate Elounour, in fact I actually ship them together, but it was easier to count her out. #nohate

PS. This chapter is dedicated to Charlotte, who has been begging for ages for me to post this, so here I am:) Love and miss u girly<3




Yep, that girl knows who we are. Probably a fan. A big one, actually. I decide to go introduce myself formally.


“Hi, I’m Louis, even though… Um… You probably… Know that…” I stutter out. God, I’m such an embarrassment. Maybe I should have let Liam do this. He can literally do anything with such ease.


“Yeah, I know who you are. Most people do, actually. I’m not a stalker, though. That’s just creepy.” She giggles softly. She’s cute! Her accent is to die for… Oh, stop it Louis. You can’t just fall in love with a girl as soon as she walks in a room.


“I’m Hayley.” She seems calm. That’s a good start, at least. I find myself staring at her, sheer perfection is what it is.. The way she tucks her beautiful hair behind her ear…


“Anything wrong?” Hayley is looking at me curiously with a bloody brilliant smirk on her face… GOD Lou! Stop that! I mentally slap myself for being so stupid. Hayley would never go for a guy like me. She probably likes Harry or Niall. Those 2 are just the girl hogs of the group. Well not really hogs. More like female magnets. Everyone just looooveeees them. Not that I’m jealous. I’m never jealous. Never.


“I bet you guys are here to see Ella, am I right?” Liam steps in front of me and takes the lead. Thank God for that boy. Lifesaver.


“Most definitely. Is she alright?” Hayley looks so worried about her… They must be quite close… I feel a pang of guilt in my stomach. No Lou, it’s not all your fault…


Hayley begins to walk towards the bed and kneels down next to it, Mr. and Mrs. Thorne at her heels as Liam explains what the nurse had told us just a little less than an hour before. Why did this have to happen to such an innocent girl? She didn’t do anything wrong, nothing to deserve this…




As soon as Ella fell asleep, I realized a few things;

1.     I need to talk to Zayn. I mean, it was okay for him to feel like this the first few days after the accident, but 2 WEEKS later, even after she’s woken up, he still is acting depressed? In front of Ella, too? I bet she’s wondering about that. Not that I blame her, I would be too…

2.     We should probably get the doctor to tell her Ella’s woken up. Actually, we should probably call Hayley and her parents, considering we had promised them to call if anything happened.


Okay, that’s not exactly a ‘few’ things. More like 2. That rhymes! DJ Payne in the house…


“Harry?” He didn’t seem like he was doing anything at the moment, since Ella had fallen asleep he had been staring at his phone. I reckon he just needed something to do, so I asked, “Can you go get the nurse? We need to tell her she’s woken up.”


“Sure, Li, I’ll be back in a minute.” He got up and left the room.


“Lou? Can you-“ I began.


“Call Hayley? Already done, she’ll be here in 5.” Of course he has. Hayley and Lou have gotten really close lately, and whenever they aren’t here or school for Hayley, they have been going out loads. Holding hands, kissing, the whole bit. I was honestly really happy for them, yet surprised that Hayley could tolerate Lou and all his craziness. I was just a bit worried that she would be using him for fame, but she doesn’t seem like the type of person that would do that.


Niall seems to have something with Charlotte, too. Whenever she is around, he is always spoiling her with things and telling her how beautiful she is, though she never believes it. I personally think she’s gorgeous. He even shared his popcorn with her when the boys, Charlotte, Hayley, and I went to the movie theatre last weekend. With Niall, that really is a pretty big accomplishment!


My main focus over the past few weeks has been either watching Ella, working on choreography for the tour coming up, or making sure none of the paps get too involved in the Ella situation. It would put a bad reputation on our shoulders and no one wants that. It could seriously hurt our careers if people thought that we were drunk driving or just being plain careless… Which I guess we were a bit careless…


“Liam! Are you alive?” I come back to my senses when I hear Niall’s Irish accent in my ear. I jump back quickly when I realize he has his face directly in mine and is waving his arms around crazily.


“Niall ugh,” I was alive, and Niall was in my face and it was getting kind of annoying, to be honest. “I’m alive, and, um,  you are kind of in my face a bit, and it’s a bit annoying, sorry bub…” He stepped back quickly and ran his fingers through his hair and mumbled something I couldn’t understand.


“I just wanted to tell you the nurse is here…”


“Of course, sorry Nialler.” I smiled at him and ruffled his hair. The fans are definitely right about one thing; Niall is definitely the cutest and the most vulnerable.


Sorry about the fact that there is not much action at the moment, and I hope it begins next chapter, it kind of depends! xox Jill

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