Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


6. Chapter 5






The nurse/front desk lady opened the door and I almost couldn’t bear to look, I was obliged to though, because of the small fact that she was here because of me.


I walked into the room to see a person with bruises and scars covering her body, bandages everywhere. I slowly walked over and bent down on my knees, carefully grabbing her hand. It was icy cold. I felt the shock register through my body as I realized the truth of this situation. I felt the tears stream down my face as I began to let go of her bony hand and stand back up again. I didn’t actually know her, in fact I had never met her before, but I instantly felt a connection between us. I looked back to see the other boys gaping in agony, Charlotte hugging Niall as he rubbed her back, obviously trying to comfort her, and her dad… He was kneeling down where I had just been, pleading for her to wake up.


“She’s in a coma, all we need to do is hope she wakes up. She should be okay, though, a few broken bones and a bad back is all,” the nurse said solemnly. “Anyone else in the family coming to see her? We need their surnames on a list so we can let them in with no problems.”


“I don’t.. Oh, wait. I called her cousin, Hayley Thorne’s mum and dad a few hours ago and they probably will be coming soon as well, they are really close, like sisters, almost.” Ella’s dad, or Mr. McCleaver as I should probably say, seemed deep in thought and quite upset. The latter is kind of expected, though…




The car ride to the hospital was long and tense. Mum and dad were in the front, and I was the lonely one in the back. Sometimes Ella sits in the back with me… Oh, shut UP Hayley, she’s fine! But what if she isn’t… I sigh. I keep having thoughts like these on the silent journey to the hospital.


As soon as we arrive at the hospital, find a parking place, and pay for a ticket to our parking place, we run as fast as our legs can carry us to the main building, in the sliding doors, and to the lady at the front desk.


“Surname please.”


“Thorne. And we are here to see Ella McCleaver.” My dad was taking the lead on this one, and I was glad too, because I was already out of breath. God, I’m so out of shape.


I wasn’t really paying much attention, but as soon as mum and dad started following front desk lady down the endless white hallways, and so I did the same.


We went up a few floors in the elevator and walked for what seemed like ages through the endless hallways but then we got led into another lobby, or what looked like one, anyways.


The reception lady seemed to be expecting someone like us to be coming through the door around then, so she waved us over.


“You’re the Thorne’s, right?” she asked.


“That’s correct, has someone told you we were coming?” my dad seemed surprised that she seemed to know us, too.


“Yes, sir, Mr. McCleaver has told us you were coming so we could send you directly to Ella’s room.”


“Oh, okay, then, lets go see Ella, then.” My dad was clearly hinting to the receptionist that we wanted to go see her NOW, and I think she understood as she logged off of the computer and stood up.


We followed the receptionist down the hall for a fair bit and stopped, pointing.


“Her room is just down there on the right, room 418.”


“Thank you, um… Miss-“


“Dr. Christy. And no problem. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to come down.” Dr. Christy interrupted.


Thank you, Dr. Christy. We sure won’t hesitate.” My father retorted, clearly wanting to move on. He turned to leave, mum and I following along. I giggled as I quickly looked back to see the lady, shocked, standing where we left her.


We quickly reached the door, and dad stopped and turned and looked at me.


“You know, Hayley, this is a really big deal, and, well… We might not be able to stay for long, you know that… Right?” My mum and dad seemed worried about me. Too protective, I reckon.


“Yeah, I know.” I walked passed my dad, opened the door, and walked in.


Oh. My. God.


“What is One Direction doing here?”



It's really short, I'm sorry, but I will try and make the next one longer! I haven't had ANY time to write over the past week or more, but I will definitely be writing more over the summer holidays. (and yes, it is summer here, I live in Australia :D) Thanks for reading, as usual, and comment feedback and share it!! Thanks guysss:)))))

xx Jill

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