Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


4. Chapter 3


“Hey, where are we going? And where’s Ella?” Frantic girl asked me, her voice shaky. Ella. That’s her name. Innocent and sweet. She didn’t deserve this. No one deserved this.


“What’s your name, babe?” I asked, suddenly realizing I had been with this girl for at least 30 minutes, and I hadn’t even asked her name!


“Charlotte.” She paused for an awkward few seconds.


“Charlotte,” she said again, like she was making sure that her name was actually Charlotte.


“What’s your name?” she asked me curiously.


“Liam,” I said, sure of myself. “And to answer one of your other questions, we are going to the hospital.”


She looked at me like I was crazy, looking like she expected me to say I was joking, but I wasn’t. I wish I was, though. I really wish I was…


The taxi pulled up to the hospital and Lou paid the driver and we all thanked him as we rushed out. The doors opened and Niall and Louis ran to the woman at the front desk while Zayn, Harry and I stayed back with Charlotte. She was freaking out, and really, I didn’t blame her! Standing in the hospital lobby after her best friend got run over doesn’t seem like the best way to spend a precious day of the short 2-day weekend.


“Liam! Charlotte! Zayn! Hazza!” Louis called us over, where the front desk lady was already briskly walking down the pristine white floors of the hospital hallway.


“We are supposed to follow her quickly. That was all she said when we told her who we were here for,” Niall filled me in as we followed the lady down the maze of corridors to the destination, wherever it may be. At this point, I had no idea.


Finally, after going up 4 floors in the elevator and turning down endless hallways, we reached our destination, which was a lobby with uncomfortable looking chairs and a desk at the front. There were many more hallways off of the spacious room. There were also numerous TV’s showing some little kid’s show and around 5 people scattered around the room.


“Just wait here.” Niall guided Charlotte over to the chairs across the room and they sat down next to each other. They started talking and seemed content so the rest of the boys and I went over to another part of the room to allow them to talk. If anyone could comfort Charlotte now, it was Nialler. He was good at things like that.


I sat down on the blue chair next to Harry. Louis was sitting next to Harry and Zayn was pacing around the nearly empty lobby.


“Zayn!” I called. “Why don’t you come over here and sit down?” He ignored me, so eventually I got up, walked over to him, grabbed his arm and pulled him over to a corner of the room, away from everyone else.


“What’s wrong, buddy?” I asked, worried. He had not been himself lately.


“It’s all my fault…”




“The accident… It’s all my fault…” Oh, no. My suspicions have just been confirmed.


“No it’s not, don’t worry! We all have blame in this, certainly not just you.”


“So, basically you are saying it is my fault. Thanks Liam, I feel so much better now.” He made a move as to leave, but I stopped him.


“No, that’s not true. I’m saying that it is partly your fault, partly my fault, partly Lou’s fault, partly Hazza’s fault, and partly Nialler’s fault. Even the driver of the bus in front of us has to take some of the blame, if he hadn’t stopped, we wouldn’t have swerved, therefore this wouldn’t have happened!”


“Okay…” He made a move as to leave again, only this time, I didn’t stop him. I could tell he didn’t buy it, but honestly, I could tell that he would feel really guilty for a while. We all would. We would just have to wait until all of us felt better about it. It would be best just not to remind him, which, admittedly would be hard because we were actually standing in a hospital lobby.


I turned around and quickly walked back to where Harry and Louis were sitting. I sat down and grabbed a random magazine off the table. Oh great, we’re on the cover. I wonder what untrue gossip this magazine has about us.


“How’d it go?”


“What?” I look over to see Harry and Louis looking over at me anxiously.


“You know, talking with Zayn. Don’t deny it, everyone sees that he isn’t himself, now what’s wrong with him?” Louis asked, and I sighed. He was too curious. I just want some alone time, but I guess that’s how Zayn feels because he’s not talking to anyone either and he was reluctant to talk to me, even though we made that deal to always talk when we had a problem. I decided to spill.


“He feels like it’s his fault. The accident.”


“And what’d you say?” Always wanting to know more.


I told the boys the rest of what Zayn and I said, Louis and Harry nodding in understanding. We almost didn’t notice when the nurse walked in. Almost.


:))))) Hi!!! Thanks for reading:) Im really stuck on Chapter 4 so i might not be out for a few days:( But im working on it!!

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