Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


3. Chapter 2


Wait… WHAT? 2 weeks of being in this hospital bed… 2 weeks of being unconscious… 2 weeks of everyone being worried about me… For no reason! I mean, I’m awake now, right?


“I… I… I’m so sorry…” I stammer, but Liam cuts me off.


“No need to apologize, love, if anything, we should be the ones apologizing. It was our car that hit you, after all,” Liam puts in.


“But… Why are you guys here anyway? And why-“ I stop abruptly as a huge pain comes to my back and I cry out in frustration.


“Em! Are you okay?” Liam asks nervously as the other boys except Zayn, who is still looking down in the corner of the room. Is he okay?


“Yeah, I’m fine, Zayn? Are you okay?” I quickly turn the attention to him while I groan silently and think that maybe I need a doctor…


“Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” Zayn replies in an easy tone, so I just assume he is just tired. Speaking of which, I noticed my eyelids getting droopy, and soon enough, I was asleep.




“Zayn, please. Just relax. I know your hair means everything to you, but there is no need to overreact,” I say to Zayn in a harsh tone. Sometimes I worry about the lad, if he cares about his hair too much, then if something disastrous happened to it… I don’t even dare myself to think about it. I mean, this time, Harry just knocked it with a pillow to tease him. Zayn got really angry, he started punching Hazza before he got a chance to apologize or even reason with him. It was getting a bit out of hand.


“You. Will. Pay. For. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Zayn screamed as he started punching and kicking poor Harry in all the wrong places. Harry cried out in pain, as Louis began to yell at Zayn, even though he was the one driving.


“Louis! Pay attention to the road! Don’t worry about it, everything will be okay!” I warned Louis multiple times, but it was too late. He was already caught up in the argument! It continued like this for a few minutes.


Then things went totally wrong.


The next few minutes were a bit of a blur. Louis wasn’t paying attention to the road, so, well, the bus that was in front of us pulled over at a stop, as busses do, and Louis didn’t notice until Niall yelled at him to look out. That’s not as important as the fact that Louis swerved a bit too far to the right, so he slid on the freshly paved road toward the grassy slope toward the beach. Zayn was in a state of shock so when I yelled for everyone to abandon ship, I had to push him out.


Luckily, none of us were hurt.


Unfortunately, the black van kept moving towards the beach, so I quickly got up and followed the car, screaming at everyone to get the hell out of the way. I didn’t bear to look at the scene, but I’m sure it was pretty gruesome. Thinking quickly, I pulled out my IPhone and called triple zero, the Aussie version of 999, apparently. Zayn was still in his state of shock and I still couldn’t bring myself to look. Luckily, the ploice and ambulance came quickly, and a fire truck came soon after that to make sure the car didn’t catch fire on the beach.


“Liam, look what we’ve done…” I heard Niall’s voice from the side. Oh, no, maybe someone was hurt, or injured, or… No, that can’t happen. Not on my account…


Louis came over and asked me if I was all right. Honestly, no. The guilt was panging in my chest, but I decided not to make Louis feel worse, since he was driving. He didn’t seem to look like he felt too bad, though.


“I’m fine, you?”


“Feeling a bit guilty… I should have paid more attention to the road… Did you see anyone hurt?”


“One girl got carried off on a stretcher…”


“Now I feel even worse…”


“Its okay, Lou, its fine, don’t worry abou-“


I got cut off by a very frantic looking girl, about my age, looks wise..


“Hello? Can you guys help me? Please? Because all of a sudden I heard screaming and I was inside the ice cream shop and then I heard screaming and then I looked outside and there was a black car right where my best friend was sitting and… Am I talking too much?” She looked at us with gorgeous eyes. Then and there I knew I had to help, no matter what the cost may be.


I noticed we were drawing a crowd, so I called the boys over and we caught a taxi, the frantic girl coming with us.


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